What Is Elite Test 360?

Elite Test 360 is a dietary supplement in capsule form which features L-Argenine and Tribulus for bodybuilding. It is designed to deliver nutrients and vitamins in addition to these active ingredients and is used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Quick nutrient delivery leads to faster recovery, while the active ingredients help the user take each workout to the max, seeing results faster with fewer trips to the gym.

Elite Test 360 offers:

  • Boost Strength
  • Maximize Energy
  • Argenine for testosterone boost
  • Noticeable increase in energy, recovery and mood in 2-4 weeks
  • Creatine, Caffeine and Sodium Free

How It Works

Elite Test 360 is all-natural and contains the necessary vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals in conjunction with active ingredients to boost energy and stamina. Bodybuilders know that at the end of the day, results are only seen when you put the work in at the gym. Elite Test 360 is designed to provide an added boost to lift harder and increase reps while providing natural building blocks the body needs for muscle creation.

Elite Test 360 Ingredients

Amino acids:

  1. Provide building blocks for new muscle cells;
  2. Replenish existing muscle cells.


  1. Helps detoxify the body of free radicals.


  1. Essential for bone health;
  2. Strong muscles require strong bones.

L-Argenine– A natural amino acid found in many foods, which the body requires for the production of proteins. It also benefits cardiovascular health by promoting nitric oxide production, essential to optimal blood flow.

Tribulus – A herb used in traditional medicine for centuries. Its active compounds are known as steroidal saponins (mainly furostanol glycosides), which in addition to other uses, are suggested to promote healthy levels of testosterone, a muscle-building hormone.

Advantages of Elite Test 360

What makes Elite Test 360 different is the testosterone-boosting properties of the Tribulus extract. The release of testosterone into the bloodstream allows blood vessels to relax, increasing overall blood flow. This results in increased oxygen provided to muscles, which in turn allows the user to lift harder, run faster and get the maximum benefit per workout session.

Many products offer the benefits of testosterone. It is known that low testosterone levels make it more difficult to exercise, which can lead to a cycle of inactivity and low levels since a lack of exercise can often lead to decreased levels of testosterone. While Elite Test 360 is not intended to treat males with low testosterone, it does seize on the power of testosterone to motivate and increase energy to exercise.

Testosterone levels are influenced by many factors, including age. The use of this product may increase testosterone levels, which may cause the user to ‘feel younger’ and have increased stamina for exercise. This depends on the individual user and the design of the exercise plan this product is intended to be used in conjunction with.

Compared to other products including protein drinks and powders, Elite Test 360 offers over 3000mg of testosterone boosting arginines and effective nutrient delivery, while remaining free from caffeine, creatine, and sodium. It also includes minerals and vitamins intended to promote overall health, in conjunction with a healthy diet.

L-argenine is a chemical building block that is necessary for the body to produce proteins. It is commonly found in meat, fish, and dairy products – many of which are already a staple of high-intensity workout diets for this reason. It also promotes improved blood flow, as the body converts the amino acid into a chemical called nitric oxide, commonly used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. It stimulates the release of growth hormones, as well as other substances in the body such as insulin.

Customer Testimonials

Users have reported increased stamina, especially users over thirty who find they have trouble doing the same workouts as they were capable of doing at twenty-five. The added energy boost has allowed users to work longer and harder, seeing better results in fewer trips to the gym.

Another user indicated that Elite Test 360 helped get them back on track after an injury disrupted the workout routine. The recovery period was shortened thanks to the energy increases attributed to the supplement.

  • Attention: It is important to note that a healthy diet and regular workout routine are essential in conjunction with this supplement. Elite Test 360 provides fuel and a boost for better workouts, but it will not bring results on its own.

Media Coverage

As seen on CNBC, FOX, and in USA TODAY Elite Test 360 offers a 14-day free trial. Additionally, orders of a one-month supply are offered with free shipping, while orders of two and three-month supplies offer one and two free bottles respectively.

Pricing & Shipping

  • 14 Day Free Trial: Free
  • 1- Month Supply: $89.99 + free shipping
  • 2-Month Supply: $119.94 + 1 bottle free
  • 3-Month Supply: $149.94 + 2 bottles free

Customer Service

Customer service is offered by phone and e-mail from 8-5 Monday through Friday. A 14 window is offered to cancel orders after the 14-day free trial. Empty bottle returns are not honored. Orders are VeriSign secured for a safe and secure transaction Pros
Elite Test 360 is a natural supplement. When used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, it offers benefits quickly such as nutrient absorption and an increase in stamina. In addition, the product includes vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals intended to increase metabolism, improve mood and energy, and help detoxify the body of harmful free radicals.


One of the primary ingredients intended to boost the body’s natural testosterone levels is Tribulus, which in several studies has been shown to have a marginal if any effect on testosterone levels in the body. The body’s natural hormone regulation appears to limit to overall levels of testosterone available.

Elite Test 360 Summary:

Elite Test 360 is a dietary supplement that boosts energy and stamina by combining essential amino acids and testosterone-boosting supplements, in addition to antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The all-natural L-argenine formula helps the body synthesize proteins, while Tribulus extract naturally augments the body’s productions of testosterone. Elite Test 360 is offered in capsule form and is free from creatine, caffeine, and sodium, unlike many protein powder handshakes currently available. It is an all-natural formula designed to augment and boost the body’s ability to create, build and maintain muscle. A 14-day free trial is offered at no cost.

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