5 Myths About Legal Steroids Unveiled

The word steroid has a lot of negative connotations, and I’m sure you have heard a lot of bad things about steroids, but you shouldn’t believe in everything you hear! Conduct your own research to find out what’s really true, and what’s not.

Since, bodybuilders with great physiques use steroids, people assume it to be a cheat code, but one that will affect your long-term health, and even short-term.

This stereotype is often strengthened when people hear about professionals going crazy over this stuff.

However, you should keep in mind that a lot of substances that are good for you can prove to be harmful if you abuse it. Did you know, you could overdose on cough syrup too? Anyways, read on if you want to know how to debunk the 5 most common myths about legal steroids.

  1. All Steroids are Illegal?

If you wanted steroids, you could just walk into a store, and buy steroids legally. You don’t need a drug-dealer to hook you up with some steroids. There are illegal steroids too, but you should avoid taking them. Legal steroids have no side-effects, and some are made to meet pharmaceutical standards even.

Furthermore, they promise fast results, but not instant results. Legal steroids don’t claim insanely quick results, and someone selling an illegal steroid might lie to sell it to you. One shouldn’t consume these to achieve their goal overnight. You don’t need any prescriptions to buy them, and legal steroids can be shipped anywhere in the world. You must choose only legal steroids that are regarded as safe alternatives to steroids. Don’t buy a shady steroid that is not being sold at a store!

  1. High Risk of Side-effects

Legal steroids don’t come with a platoon of guaranteed side effects. As a matter of fact, there is no medicine or drug that can be marketed as completely safe. Even the most commonly used medicines have a huge list of possible side-effects that rarely ever occur. It is a common misconception that people who use steroids suffer from:

  • Gynecomastia, also commonly referred to as man boobs.
  • Infertility
  • Impotence
  • Lower sperm count
  • Rage
  • Baldness
  • Depression
  • Women will end up looking like men

These are common misconceptions, and aren’t backed by any studies or science, and are mostly anecdotal. Also, people who use steroids take breaks, and don’t continue use on a regular basis. Main reason for steroid cycling is to minimize side-effects, and to return the hormone levels to their natural level.

  1. Steroids are addictive

This is a widespread myth that deters thousands of people to not take any steroids. As a matter of fact this isn’t true. A lot of studies have been conducted to see if steroid users find it hard to stop taking steroids or not. Surprisingly, studies show that steroids are not at all addictive. However, there are instances when individuals abuse steroids, and then face severe withdrawals that include depression.

This is why the news of people using steroids commit suicide is pretty common. Obviously if you abuse any substance it is going to be painful to leave it. Some people find it hard to live without enjoying junk food, or sipping on fizzy drinks. This doesn’t deter people to try junk food, and this shouldn’t deter one to take legal steroids!

  1. Only Athletes use Steroids

It is indeed true that athletes use steroids to enhance their performance, and to give them an edge. Professionals often use legal steroids but a lot of non-professionals take them as well to improve their looks, and achieve their desired bodies. Steroids enable people with little bodybuilding experience to completely transform themselves.

This encourages a lot of newbies to hit the gym like a professional, recover quickly, and smash the gym again. A lot of people want to achieve an athlete’s body, and they do so by doing whatever an athlete does. Yes, this is likely that athletes inspire other non-professional individuals to take steroids, but they’re not the only people that use and benefit from steroids.

  1. Steroids make you angry

This is the most widely known side effect of using steroids. However, the studies conducted on steroids are performed on rats, and not humans. Also, it may have happened to people who had anger issues before using the steroids. Steroids are known to amplify the personality characteristics of an individual, and people who are easily annoyed and are known to have a short-temper should avoid the use of steroids.

However, a calm person has nothing to fear. Steroids are not designed to transform you into Hulk. Furthermore, humans are blessed with more sense than rats, and can easily counter and curb their anger. Studies must be done on humans to clarify this common mistake.

However, no drugs should be abused, and you must keep that in mind while consuming steroids. If you abuse steroids, you might face withdrawals that would make you feel angry, and or depressed. It is imperative that you do not abuse any kind of steroids, and lay off these supplements after a session has been completed. More isn’t always better!

These are the 5 common myths regarding steroids that are false, and not backed by any science. These are made so that people don’t use steroids, and people believe it simply because steroids seem too good to be true, and hence people assume it will definitely have irreversible side effects. Legal steroids are completely safe and the best solution if you want to make some early gains just in time to impress your peers. Legal steroids have the following advantages:

  • Increased testosterone– testosterone is the hormone that is responsible to promote muscle growth.
  • Enhanced energy levels – Legal steroids increase your ability to hit a harder work out and recover quickly.
  • Increased protein synthesis – This is the process that makes your muscles grow big! This is essential for muscle building.
  • Increased oxidation of fat tissues – Legal steroids will sky rocket your metabolism, and enable you to burn fat.
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