Which Protein is Better: Casein Or Whey? Benefits and Disadvantages Everyone Should Know

No Comments This question is very normal yet there seems to be a great account of the controversy over which one is better: casein or whey protein. The following information below will bring you distinct advantages and comparisons of casein and whey as protein sources for bodybuilding.

Casein Protein

Casein protein makes up 80 percent of milk protein. Casein is well known for its superior amino acid content, slow-pace digestion, and anti-catabolic effects.

Benefits of Casein Protein

Casein protein is beneficial for bodybuilding because of its slow pace to digest, clots in your stomach, and is well known for its anti-catabolic elements. Casein protein also contains dairy calcium which is very important for your bone health and body composition effects.

Disadvantages of Casein Protein

In this regard, slow pace digestion may become a negative thing as you consume it before or after exercising while you’re trying to have amino acids into your body system rapidly. Another disadvantage of casein protein is that someone who has lactose problems might have gas, and for some people who have allergies, it could cause bloating. Moreover, the sodium in casein protein could also lead to bloating.


Casein protein is best consumed at meals and at bedtime and may be combined with another kind of proteins. However, casein protein is not recommended to be consumed when you are trying to speed up amino acid absorption.

Sources of Casein Protein

Dairy, casein concentrates.

Whey Protein

Among other, whey protein isolate is the purest and the most concentrated form of whey protein available on the market now. Whey protein contains at least 90 percent or more protein with very little fat and lactose substances. Meanwhile, whey protein concentrate is around 29-89 percent protein-based on the types of whey protein products.

When the protein grade in whey protein concentrate cuts down, the quantity of fat and lactose generally goes up. The other kind of whey protein powder is whey protein hydrolysates. This is whey protein which is predigested into small chains of amino acids. This type of whey protein supposedly aids the protein to be absorbed better into your body.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein is well known for its ability to increase protein synthesis, heighten immune factors and antioxidant activities, as well as fast absorption into your body system.

Disadvantages of Whey Protein

Whey protein is not so effective at decreasing protein degradation.


Whey protein is best to be consumed around training and exercise time because of its rapid absorption pace. You are recommended to have whey protein in pre-, during, or right post-workout.

Sources of Whey Protein

Milk, byproduct of cheese production, milk protein isolates, and whey protein supplements.

Which one is Better: Casein Versus Whey

A scientific study done by Yves Boirie found that blood leucine levels in our body were peaked in 1 hour right after ingestion of whey protein or casein protein. Yet, the whey protein height at higher levels and then returned to the starting point after 4 hours. Meanwhile, the casein protein peaked at a lower level yet did not return to the starting point until 7 hours. In this regard, whey protein increases protein synthesis, but at the same time does not influence protein degradation process. Meanwhile, casein cuts down the protein degradation process but does not influence protein synthesis.

Another scientific study conducted by Boirie revealed the benefits of casein and whey proteins. Bear in mind that a combination of protein diets will give a different absorption pace which may alter the influences on protein synthesis and breakdown. Another study by Tipton also found that the critical ingestion of whey and casein protein after workout yielded in similar increases in muscle mass of protein balance, resulting in net muscle mass protein synthesis even though there are different patterns of blood amino acid responses.

On a final account, a current study showed that whey protein may be much more beneficial than casein protein in elderly people to limit body protein loss. Click here for our recommended whey protein supplement.

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