Turanabol – Turinabol

What to Expect

Use of steroids like Turanabol is very common these days. You might have read news reports regarding the use of illegal steroid drugs by sports people around the world. Why are these people running behind these steroids? Are these steroids worth it?

These steroids can really boost the performance of the human body to a great extent by increasing the internal activities. The body cells start working rigorously and the anabolic activities speed up. Turanabol is one such steroid that helps athletes in attaining a very lean and strong body. Turanabol was first introduced in the ‘60s and is very popular among the athletes these days.

The Advantages

Improving the body muscles is a definite advantage of Turanabol. However, there are many other advantages that are related to these steroids. It is important that a person who is involved in sports have a strong physique.

Like this, there is also the need for continuous workout which prepares him to be at the top spot. During these workouts and training periods, if you are using Turanabol, effects of fatigue can be reduced to a great extent. This is certainly a great advantage from an athlete’s point of view and there are a large mass of athletes using steroids like Turanabol.

Once you start using Turanabol, the results will become slowly evident. There is no water retention of any quantity and therefore you can be sure about one thing. The lean muscles that you build up by using Turanabol will not look out of shape.

You will have a strong and solid looking body as a result of using Turanabol. When you use Turanabol, it is not only the muscle that grows, but you can also gain strength and weight. Any addition in weight of your body while using Turanabol will be through the growth of body muscles and nothing else.


The general dosage of the Turanabol steroid is 40mg everyday, which is more than essential to build that extra ripped body shape. This steroid is not really meant for those bulky body builders who are always looking to gain extra size.

Turanabol is useful for athletes who are looking for a more lean and muscular body. The cycle of the usage must be around 6 to 8 weeks which is just about the right time period. For females, the recommended usage is around 5 to 10mg. This is because the effects of Turanabol are much louder in women than in men.

Side Effects

The strong nature of Turanabol should be dealt with care and if not, there are chances of liver damage. If the liver gets affected due to the surplus intake of Turanabol, toxins will build up in your body and the effects will not be good for you.

However, since this drug is taken mostly in very small amounts, chances of any problems are very rare. The side effects of Turanabol are more when you either take it in excess amount or if the cycle extends for more than 10 weeks. The adverse effects of Turanabol are more reflective in women. Turanabol can cause masculine side effects in women like deepening of voice and excess growth of facial hair. A fuzzy or blurred vision could be a result of Turanabol over dosage.

Turanabol mainly serves the purpose of an anabolic steroid which enhances the athletic performance of the human body. These steroids can give you the stamina which is much essential for an athlete. Even though there are certain side effects, there are options available to reverse these effects.

However, it is always good to take the precautions rather than searching for a cure afterwards, especially when using drugs like Turanabol.

Effective dose:

Men: 10-40mgs/day
Women: 5-15mgs/day

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