Crazybulk Strength Stack

Crazy Bulk is the most famous and well known bodybuilding supplement providing company. These medications are side effects free and don’t need any injection. You have to take them orally.

Company is now offering different packages to suit your needs. You have different stacks like bulking stack, stamina stack, cutting stack and strength stack etc. Strength Stack is a package which is specifically designed for people who are genetically weak or who have hit a pleatue. It gives you extra power and energy to continue your body plus muscle building career.

It includes 4 highly affective supplements namely Anadrolone, Dianabol, T-Max and Deckadrolone. Check them out!


Crazy Bulk has introduced this product as an alternative of most powerful steroid, Anadrol (Oxymethalone), which has proven to be extremely harmful for liver.

So Anadrolone is used for the same purpose as the athletes and body builders use Anadrol 50, i-e for building muscle tissues.


It significantly increases the protein synthesis in body and also the production of red blood cells. The excessive proteins also regulate the number of RBCs in body. The increase in RBCs effectively results in increasing the capacity of carrying oxygen in blood. Therefore, the transportation rate of oxygen in various parts of the body is greatly enhanced. This extra oxygen speeds up the production of energy thus increasing energy levels of body.

It maximizes your strength and stamina for gym and also decreases the fatigue and tiredness you feel after workout. Anadrolone also helps in increasing the retention or absorption of nitrogen.


You have to take this supplement twice a day in non-work out days.

And as for working out days, you should take it half an hour before hitting gym.

The bottle has 60 tablets. [50mg each]


Crazy Bulk Dianobal is also the alternative of a steroid, Dbol, having its all features minus side effects. It is the best supplement for hardgainers as it works really fast. It helps in forming incredible bulk with fat free mass.


It works to increase the anaerobic glycolysis. During workout, you need large amounts of energy to push yourself harder. Aerobic methods cannot produce energy quickly, so instead, body uses anaerobic methods for faster results. As a result of this anaerobic glycolysis, lactic acid is produced as a by-product. This lactic acid plays a vital role in disposing carbohydrates and producing ATP, which means you will become huge without getting fat.

Lactic acid is often accused of causing fatigue after doing gym or DOMS, but it has now proven wrong.

Dianabol is also very affective in enhancing water and nitrogen consumption in body along with increasing calcium and potassium rate.


You are advised to take these pills three times a day during off-days of workout. And in work out days, take it half hour prior to your exercises.

There are 90 tablets per bottle. [25 mg each]


This Testosterone Max is a stacking product and can also be used as standalone supplement. Testosterone is actually a steroid hormone which increases muscle mass. T-Max’s main ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris extract, which is obviously herbal and therefore 100% side effects free. It is useful for achieving muscular gains and bone density.


T-Max includes anabolic properties as well as androgenic property. They help in building muscle tissues along with enhancing sexual desire. You can use this supplement in both bulking up and cutting cycles. Saponins are the active ingredients of the extract that release large amounts of LH. This LH is the reason of enhancing the testosterone formation in your body.


Use them half hour prior to work out or twice a day along with meals if you’re having off days.

There are 90 tablets in each standard bottle. [40 mg each]


Deckadrolone – It is the alternative of commonly known drug Deca Durabolin, which is a frequently used drug for body builders. But this drug also has dangerous side effects on body, that’s why Crazy Bulk has introduced this medicational supplement for better results. Its main function is to stimulate immune system. It helps in speeding up the injury recoveries and joint issues. It can be used to cure osteoporosis.


It enhances the consumption of nitrogen in body. As nitrogen is the building block of amino acids, it is likely to produce them in larger amounts. Then these amino acids enhance production of proteins and eventually the development of muscles. It also increases male reproductive characteristics and libido. It is likely to promote dense bones and even muscles along with influencing the amount of calcium. It has healing power for joint pains and muscle damages.


Take it thrice a day with meals.

Also take it half an hour before workouts.

Each bottle serving has 90 tablets. [200 mg each]


It is advised to stay hydrated during workouts as lactic acid build up is likely to produce burning sensations when you push hard. Breathe deeply and stretch after workouts.

Enhance your magnesium intake and eat food having fatty acids.

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