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One thing I like about the UK compared to the United States of America is that their belief on steroids is nowhere near as harsh, at least from the younger generation. Unfortunately the older generation as just as dense and brain washed as in the United States. But what I mean is it’s more common for people to talk about steroids openly in gyms. At least those “in the know” than it is in the USA, Steroids UK Is quite common.

It is also LEGAL to have possession of steroids in the UK. However , you will get the occasional police officer telling you this is not the case. But he cannot legally arrest you or even confiscate them. I have heard of this happening. In fact, I personally know someone who left the gym and was asked to be searched for possession of steroids– he refused knowing the law. The police arrested, him he didn’t put up a defence. He then prosecuted and took them to court in which he won. I think he received 17 thousand Great British Pounds (around 28,000 US Dollars. Not bad now, was it?

I think it’s important with Steroids UK that while steroids may not be seen as such a “big thing there” the education level on steroids is still quite poor. In fact while in the USA many youngsters will run away terrified (in fact most adults will still do this is the good old United States of America.) Steroids UK However, it is common to find a lot of “new gym goers” wanting anabolic steroids. I was hired to train an individual who was 6’5 weighed 125lbs. Yes, this is quite a skinny guy he was a former anorexic and I was up for the challenge facing myself and him.

After one training session he told me he was prepared to eat everything I’d recommended and would push himself in the gym every day. I smiled. As enthusiastic as he was he was surprisingly hard working and nothing like I expected, and it was actually realistic to believe he could make something of himself.

That’s how I felt anyway, that was until his next sentence. Steroids UK. I need to find out where I can buy steroids man.

“What?” I said.

“I need to know. Look, you are huge, I’ll never be any bigger without steroids, I can tell just by looking at myself and how I look… Please tell me where to buy steroids.”

I tried to explain how this was his first time ever training. He’s 17 years old and there#s no need for anabolic steroids. “You will probably be 50lbs heavier within a year anyway.” But he wasn’t happy with that, he caused a massive scene with his parents apparently, who asked me what happened via the phone, I explained and as people who have too much money tend to do, I got “We’ll try putting him in rugby.” “I don’t see this going any better.” I explained, “Have you thought about counselling?”“No!!! Keep the money don’t worry about it!!!”

I laughed. Ok. He now weighs 135lbs, so yes he put a bit on. He also quit the Rugby team, and took anabolic steroids. He’s had numerous injuries and problems with his eating disorder.

Anyway, my point is with Steroids UK, while they are more accepting, they certainly are not more educated and as I stated in my previous article about the best steroids, I would like to see steroids for SALE one day, and this will never happen without educating each other.

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