Steroids Results

So you are looking to find out what type of results you can get from anabolic steroids?

Well, stop right there! It depends on a few different things! First are you bulking, cutting? Stacking numerous steroids together? Let me explain below.

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Let’s take a look at you, I’m going to assume you are male and this is your first ever cycle.

You will want to use Testosterone at around 500mg weekly

This is great for either bulking or cutting. The first time I ever used this I lost about 4lbs of fat and gained 18lbs of muscle mass over the course of 12 weeks. I’d say I kept 14lbs of the muscle and the fat stayed off. Obviously my “body fat” percentage dramatically decreased and I looked fantastic. Here is the thing, my diet was super strict; if your diet is not super strict you can’t expect the same “super results”

Another worthwhile one to mention is if you just want to get as big as possible, Testosterone and deca is a great anabolic steroid cycle if you have a few TEST only cycles under your belt.

I was able to gain around 70lbs on my bench and added 35lbs of mass on a 20 week cycle. Another way to make this steroid cycle more productive would be to simply add in Dianabol for the first 6 weeks! This is a much loved steroid cycle from the 80’s and it’s easy to see why! It offers some incredibly dramatic results!

Then, of course, there’s the ones if you decide to cut the fat, adding in Clen is an essential. I could go on and on about the benefits of Clen but I have plenty of articles that already do this!

Clen (Clen dosing) and anavar make an excellent cutting stack, add in some testosterone, and you will look lean and mean! If you just want a lean bulk, then testosterone and anavar can do that also.

Anavar has great healing properties, and is also great for its FAT BURNING properties!

Let alone the fact it does not cause any bloat or turn to estrogen and you have a very powerful lean bulking steroid on your hands.

What type of Steroids Results can you expect? Anavar alone can add around 5-6lbs of LEAN muscle mass. However! The gains will be lean. It also dramatically adds strength great for MMA, power lifters, Olympic lifters, wrestlers etc.

Another positive aspect is when mixed with testosterone it seems to help give more “Lean gains” so you’ll be looking at say, 24lbs of LEAN muscle rather than a lot of water weight.

Overall it is a great anabolic steroid and I highly recommend it.

Hopefully I’ve provided you some information on the best kind of Steroid Results you can expect. Participate in comments to discuss with other individuals about using them so that you can get an even better idea.

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