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Steroids Guide

Anabolic steroids are used to build muscle and other tissues in the body. While steroids will help to build muscle they are not magic,you will have to put in a lot of work as well. There are some side effects associated with anabolic steroids which can include deepening of the voice,premature baldness,acne,cessation of natural production of hormones and increased body hair.

Steroid cycles

A steroid cycle is the amount of time a person is on a specific anabolic steroid. Steroid cycles vary from person to person but they usually last from 4-12 weeks depending on the type of steroid/s being used and the desired effect you require. Steroid cycles are used mostly because of the effects the steroids have on the body but can also suppress the natural production of hormones in the body but when the cycle is finished the body will start making these hormones again. You must remember the longer you are on a cycle the harder it will be for your body to produce these hormones naturally when you come off the cycle. This is why steroids are not taken continuously so as to give the body time to recover in between cycles.

You can also stack these cycles, this envolves using more than one steroid at the same time so as to complement each other. Included in these stacks you can use certain drugs to help counteract some of the negative side effects which you might get from the steroids.

Steroid stacks

When bodybuilders and athletes use steroids they want to get the maximum results with the least possible side effects. One of the best ways to do this is to stack. Steroid stacks are put together carefully so as to mix different steroids to get the maximum effects possible. This is done because some steroids have different effects on the body to others and different dosages are needed. Upping the dose of a steroid doesn’t necessarily have better effects on the body and increases the chance of side effects. These stacks are usually taken for between 4-12 weeks then a break is taken to give the body time to produce hormones naturally again and lessen the chances of any side effects.

The reason some steroids are stacked is also because your body can become immune to a steroid if the same one is used again and again and thus have no effect on the body. Stacking steroids keeps the body from getting used to one particular steroid. Steroid side effects Men who take steroids can experience changes in sexual characteristics. Steroids can trigger the body to shut down the functioning of the male reproductive system.

Possible side effects are shrinking of the testicles,baldness,reduced sperm count,enlarged prostate. Women using steroids can experience growth of facial hair,enlargement of the clitoris,deep voice and breast reduction.

Types of steroids

There are many ways to look at the types of steroids depending on how you want to classify them. There are different types of steroids based on their medical definitions, there are different types of steroids within each of these medical definitions and there are different types of steroids based on how they are administered. The first of the types of steroids includes corticosteroids where are steroids related to the hormones in the body that are associated with the adrenal cortex. These are often steroids that are found as prescription and over-the-counter creams used to treat rashes and other topical ailments.

The second of the types of steroids are those associated with the female sex hormones – estrogens and progestogens. They are often found in prescription birth control. The last of the types of steroids are androgens which are those related to the male sex hormone testosterone. Androgens are used medically for many reasons including for treatment of female breast cancer, weight gain and growth stimulation. This is also the type of steroids that you’d find used by athletes and bodybuilders to help increase lean muscle mass and strength.

There are multiple types of steroids in each of the above categories, each with its own characteristics, benefits and side effects. For example, androgenic steroids, also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids each have their own mixture of anabolic and androgenic characteristics and with that its own benefits and list and range of side effects.

Another way to classify the types of steroids is by how they are administered. One of the types of steroids is a topical administration which is a cream, lotion or ointment. Other types of steroids are the kinds that are administered by injection. These steroids either come in liquid form or in powder form that needs to be mixed with water.

Finally, the last of the types of steroids are those that come as tablets to be swallowed.

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