Nitric Oxide Benefits

Nitric oxide or NO is a signaling molecule that is present in most mammals- humans and animals alike. It takes part in various chemical processes necessary for coordinating psychological and pathological conditions in the body.

Putting these together in more distinct terms, nitric oxide is one of the widely researched chemical compounds that have proven to have immense benefits on your health while also providing antioxidant effects.

It works by communicating with different cells in the body thereby controlling their activities. Suffice to say, it helps put the functions of the organs in the body including kidneys, lungs, brain, heart and stomach into perspective.

It has been observed that those who experience difficulty in assimilating tiniest details experience better understanding, improved memory and concentration.

People who are deficient in NO have two primary ways of increasing their nitric oxide uptake. It could be obtained through healthy dietary sources (plant and animal based) such as garlic, liver, shrimps, beets, walnuts and dark cocoa.

It could also be taken as supplements to compensate for the shortage in your meals.

Nitric oxide has a lot to offer and in this article, we’ll be looking at how beneficial it is to sports people, athletes and bodybuilders alike, those who are medically indisposed as well as people who are eager to commence a weight loss program.

Here Are Some Core Benefits Of Nitric Oxide

There are different supplement brands on the market today each bragging about their abilities to deliver unique nitric oxide benefits.

Bodybuilding Benefits of NO

Well, more people who are into fitness are finding it quite useful in way that makes their workout experience seamless and performance rated. Here are some of them below.

  • Improved Recovery

Your ability to move between sets and perform increased repetitions requires not only a great deal of strength but also the tendency for you to recover after an intense training routine.

This is likely the most featured benefit that manufacturers use as a bait to get the attention of most athletes.

This is because the more you train, the more you’re likely to reach your goals faster. And this is not to underestimate the power of a good diet too.

Nitric oxide improves oxygenation throughout the body including cells and various muscle groups. The more pumped you are, the more fuelled you become giving you limitless bounds for you to accomplish incredible feats.

Basically, it’s about how much work you can put into your workout regimen or any sporting adventure you’re involved in. Supplementing with No is one surefire way to get oxygen and energy into your muscles.

This will help you workout longer and harder. While it seems that you’ll be putting your muscles under some serious strain, it shouldn’t be too much of a worry since it also offers some post-workout benefits too.

NO is also beneficial to athletes who run long distances, jump, and swim or even participate in other cardiovascular exercises because it helps avert the build-up of lactic acid which a stress and fatigue induced by-product of our body’s metabolic processes.

  • Superhuman Strength And Energy

In a bid to reach your fitness goals faster, more intense energy is required. Bodybuilding is made of so many plateaus that only the determined and courageous can overcome easily.

It enhances nitrogen retention which is quite critical for increasing intense energy levels.

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass And Definition

More blood flow results in more muscle growth. Combined with an appropriate strength training regimen alongside a well-balanced diet particularly protein rich foods, you’ve just taken a step to keeping your body in a perfect beach body shape.

Proteins play a vital role in providing your body with amino acids such as L-arginine and L-citrulline. They are great sources for building and maintaining muscles and also helps in weight management.

Although sometimes, NO supplements are taken in place of diets to deliver the results you want especially as it concerns physique definition.

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Anyone Else Can Also Experience These Nitric Oxide Benefits

Good news is that everyone can find immense potential when taking this supplement. Although, the effects vary for different users and for the specific effects that you might be looking for.

While performance athletes and bodybuilders desire physiological benefits, general users might be concerned with other advantages of NO supplements such as the ones listed below.

  • Increased Blood Circulation

This is one of the strong points of nitric oxide. It helps to control the flow of blood throughout the body.

This further increases the rate at which oxygen and other vital nutrients are transported throughout the body. Hence your blood pressure levels and other organs of your body are kept in check and functional at the same time.

  • Enhanced Immune system

To be able to prevent your body from being attacked by unexpected illnesses, you need to build a really strong defense to provide blockages against these infections. Taking Nitric oxide regularly and in approved quantities would keep you a good state of health.

  • Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain should not be left unchecked. It could lead to more serious complications such as osteoarthritis, a form of arthritis. Unfortunately, it even affects bodybuilders too especially those who lift heavy weight.

And even if you’re not lifting, the fact you undergo rigorous, stressful conditions is enough to suffer from joint pain.

This is usually caused by an inflammation in the joints. NO supplements are used to reduce these sorts of pain. It provides anti-inflammatory effects which when released in the blood can bring about the desired relief. Read full joint relief guide and supplement here.

  • Improved Cognition

NO is quite famous for increasing mental alertness. It functions as a neurotransmitter that stimulates communication between cells in the brain.

Most people are used to taking stimulants to increase focus but since nitric oxide is naturally occurring in the body, it is a likely safer option to prevent and also treat age-related memory loss and attention deficiencies. Read vitamins for memory article here

  • Effective Weight Management

More people are getting used to taking supplements to help with their fitness goals- either for cutting or bulking. Sadly, the percentages of those who are obese or generally overweight are growing consistently. And this is not a good thing.

Working out is one thing, what you do to sustain and enhance your result is another. Nitric oxide can help regulate you’re your weight while eliminating excess fat as the source.

By increasing blood flow, it causes your muscles to absorb glucose which can be a useful source of energy to help you exercise harder. This increases your metabolism thus increasing the fat burning potential of your body.

See why we really love this man’s fat burning and lean physique story… * Helps In Treating Sexual Problems In Men And Women

Many people are yet to come to terms with this particular benefit of thesis incredible supplement. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are unhappy, moody and depressed- quite a handful of problems to handle.

Some studies reveal that there is a connection between a distorted NO mechanism and male related sexual problems such as low libido, impotence and decreased sexual energy. When blood flow reduces, this condition is likely to persist.

With these supplements, there’ll be increased blood flow to your genitals leading to a stronger erection and more pleasurable sexual experience. And just in the same vein, women too can reach orgasms faster, hence leading to increased sexual gratification.

  • Reduces Rate Of Heart Disease

One of the common symptoms of a heart attack is due to insufficient blood reaching the heart. Nitric oxide helps in forestalling the development of various heart related diseases caused by blood clots and arterial plaques and even stoke too in some cases.


Nitric Oxide is a widely used supplement in the fitness world- used by a number of bodybuilding folks to enhance their workout performance and also support their goals.

And while that is still a raging proof that these supplements work, a lot of research is still ongoing to prove its endless health potential too.

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