Phil Heath Steroids

Well when we talk about Phil Heath it’s no surprise the next question is going to be Steroids, is it?
Phil Heath Steroids Is a common question to get asked and it makes me laugh as these questions always do.

“He’s only so good because he’s on steroids” or “I could be as good as him if I used steroids!!”

You wouldn’t look as good as Phil Heath if you took steroids. If you wanted to look as big and massive as him, you’d need to

1.) Train twice daily at the gym, working your ass off on both sessions,

2.) Show extreme dedication this means getting up even if you’re sick or feel like shit and training like you feel great

3.) Eat all the best food possible and in high quantity. Fed up of chicken breasts? It doesn’t matter you are eating another. You need to cut for the competition ignores that chocolate or burger kid you can eat it.

4.) Add steroids.
Steroids allow these guys to keep pushing and training harder but they are no short cuts and never will be.

He has of course denied steroid use. In fact he gave a very silly little rant in my opinion that made him look quite silly/stupid to anyone who has lifted weights and trained, especially at the pro level like I have. Unfortunately, you can’t blame him for saying these things– he’s a sponsored athlete and he needs people to believe that drinking this protein powder and taking this magic pill made him this way not the other way around.

Here are his own words himself.

Phil Heath: When they ask me that, I ask, why dude, you think I need to? I think that’s just common ignorance. Usually, people that do that are insecure already so they think that’s the only way I got like that. And what people have to focus on is, ‘What is he doing to get himself like that?’ They don’t want to ask. If it was that easy, everybody would be good. So it has to be more than that. And we’ve all see multiple athletes. Are you seriously going to discount that I get up at 4:30 every morning and go do 45 minutes of cardio. They don’t realize I eat seven or eight times a day of healthy food. Most people couldn’t tell me the macros that are in every meal they take throughout the day. Because the average person doesn’t do it. They’re not going to know how healthy fats work and guess what? I get paid to do this. Has anyone ever known someone that could just look at a weight and grow? No.

Sure, I’m genetically gifted, but what if someone genetically gifted like me, took that talent and became educated about nutrition and given the money and resources to do it? You’d look like me too. My job is to weight lift. I train with best equipment. I get more treatment on my body than the average football player. Acupuncture four days a week, massage one to two days a week, I get chiropractic work, I get decompression people don’t even know what the hell that is, which is elongating the spinal cord and vertebrae. They don’t educate themselves on the process. I have an infrared sauna at my house to eliminate toxins and hyperbaric chamber in my house. Just all the things I mentioned. I have a chicken sponsor and an egg white sponsor. I’m getting the best food. I have the black man’s dream: free chicken!

No I didn’t make that up he actually said it… Yes it’s got no wit in it and it is ridiculous.

I would have at least made it funny. Unfortunately a lot of idiots will genuinely believe him there despite the fact he’s talked bullshit.

When you get asked questions like that you should give brief answers and throw in a bit of wit and humor. When you go on insane rambling rants like that you look weird.

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