Nitric Oxide – How Does It Work?

If you have just entered the bodybuilding industry, you might already have heard of the different types of supplements. One of the biggest talks nowadays would be that of nitric oxide supplements. You might already have started to wonder what exactly these are or what it does for the body. More so, are there any nitric oxide side effects that have been reported by those who have tried the product? Now before we go on and discuss the advantages of taking in the said supplements, let us go through a couple of basic nitric oxide facts to better understand how the entire process works or functions.

Now we ask, what is the nitric oxide compound? Well, to begin with, nitric oxide can also be referred to as nitrogen monoxide. The chemical formula is NO. Among the family of mammals, it is considered to be a very essential cellular signaling molecule that is very crucial to a whole lot of physiological processes as well as pathological. It is a compound that is naturally found in our body and is produced by our system daily for several important uses.

For starters, it is responsible for the repair and recovery of the tissues found in the organs in our body as well as the skin. It is basically in charge of repairing any cut or hurt tissues whenever we hurt or cut ourselves. It also plays a significant role in keeping the muscles in our bodies lean and strong with its needed protein as well as nutrients after every workout session. It is important to note that nitric oxide or NO is different from Nitrogen dioxide or no2. NO and no2 are two totally different molecules.

After having gone through some nitric oxide facts, we can now move on to the use of taking nitric oxide supplements as an aid to one’s workout regimen. The level of nitric oxide in our bodies differs from one person to that another. Accordingly, it has been said that the more NO there is in the body, the more benefits that a person working out can derive from it.

The supplements in discussion make this possible by using an amino acid called arginine, which induces the formulation of nitric oxide in the body. This is why the majority of such supplements can be found to have L arginine as their main ingredient. Let us now close in on the main benefits and advantages that one can reap when taking such supplements.

Going to the gym lifting weights every week, taking in protein shakes and/or weight gain shakes before and after a workout, sleeping at least eight hours at night to allow the muscles to repair and recover are all very necessary to grow and build muscle. But the question is, are they enough to bring out your body’s beat potential in reaching its maximum limit for growth and expansion?

Being one of the toughest weightlifters in the gym you go to is indeed a sign that you have indeed progressed and improved after all the painstaking effort you have poured into it over the years. However, if one puts great value on self-improvement, one would know that all does not end there in mastering the art of weight lifting. The next step to take would be to look for other sources outside that gym that can deliver one’s body to its maximum potential in reaching its best state and form as deemed possible. This is where the benefits of nitric oxide come in.

One of the major benefits that nitric-oxide-inducing supplements bring to the body is that of a fast rate of recovery. How many times have we tried working out one day, exerting all the energy and effort that we can muster on our program, and then end up too tired and exhausted to work out the next few days that follow? These supplements prevent this from happening by easing out the body’s flow of blood to the tissues.

It does so by stimulating the muscles in our bodies to relax thereby making the blood flow smoother. When this happens, the right amount of oxygen gets to the muscles being worked on as needed. As most of us already know, the quality of blood flow in the body plays a significant role in the process of working out since the amount of nutrients that the muscles need to recover depends largely on it. Otherwise, faulty blood flow would hamper the delivery of the needed nutrients to the muscles concerned.

In a nutshell, a faster recovery process in between one’s workout sessions translate to increasing one’s ability and capability of taking in more workout sessions thereby bringing forth faster and better results. Keep in mind that working out without proper recovery can lead to very disheartening results and exhaustion. Recovery is very crucial to a body that is working out. Without it, the muscles or the body in general, would not be able to repair and recover properly making one’s effort in working out just futile and useless.

Another main benefit that these supplements contribute to the body is their ability to lower down one’s probability of experiencing exhaustion and fatigue. A lot of us know that getting fatigued is one of the worst obstacles that one has to overcome when one is working out. It is one of the biggest factors that hinders one from being able to work out consistently and flawlessly. It cannot be avoided that when one is doing one’s weight lifting reps, oxygen is greatly being used.

The harder the reps are and the more energy and effort you exert, the oxygen supply in the body will eventually dwindle down and start running out. Once this happens, the presence of lactic acid in the body starts thickening up, especially in the muscles. This is what brings about fatigue. We then start feeling that burning sensation throughout our body coming from the different muscle groups which then makes us halt and stop our exercise session.

For someone who is aiming for a higher rep protocol, fatigue can badly be detrimental to one’s progress and success. This is why the level of oxygen in the body must be appropriate in order to prevent the thriving of lactic acid in the body so as one’s workout session will not be interrupted; hence, the importance of the presence of nitric oxide.

Supplements that are meant to induce the production of nitric oxide in the body are meant for more than just strength purposes. A lot of people often misunderstand the purpose of this supplement and think that it is just meant to help strengthen athletes. Such is not the case. Athletes who are working on endurance for events that would involve a great deal of distance can also find a great deal of help from these supplements.

The body’s ability to endure or basically, the body’s ability for endurance also has a lot to do with the level of oxygen that is supplied to the tissues in the body’s muscles. This means that the more spontaneous and flawless the body’s oxygen delivery is, the longer that the body is able to endure working out before getting tired. Individuals who are working on endurance will be aiming for a level of skill higher than their current state and would greatly benefit from such a purpose by taking in a supplement that induces the production of nitric acid in the body.

The body’s supply of energy is also greatly increased when these supplements are used. A good blood flow would enable the body to keep one’s temperature balance constant as it should be. Whenever we work out, especially during the really hard ones, the temperature in the body goes very high. As a result of this, the body will then naturally make an effort to cool down the heated tissues in order to prevent any overheating from happening. With good blood flow, this entire cycle becomes easier thereby saving a whole lot of energy from this process which can then be made more useful and available for one’s workout sessions.

People who are trying to lose weight or burn off unwanted fat from the body can also find great advantages with this specific kind of supplement. A study conducted showed the effect of nitric oxide in relation to L arginine on the body’s glucose metabolism as influenced by exercise. Those who have consumed L arginine showed when their glucose levels were taken that their glucose rates were considerably higher in terms of the rate of appearance, disappearance as well as clearance.

This meant these people were more efficient in taking in glucose to different muscle cells as the body kept on exercising. Aside from that, the supplement also complemented the heightening of the nonsterified fatty acid concentration level in the body. The same goes for glycerol with fat burning serving as its fuel thereof. In a nutshell, those who are looking into losing unwanted fat have an edge when taking this supplement since it induces the use of the available glucose found in the body as well as getting rid of those fat tissues.

Now have you ever felt that wonderful feeling after working out where it feels as if one’s muscles are very taut after going through a grueling bicep or triceps workout? That right there is one of the many great benefits brought about by nitric oxide: a wonderful muscle pump. The presence of nitric oxide makes this pump last longer than usual and more evident than always.

Let’s face it, these muscle pumps play a big role in keeping us invigorated and inspired to go through our workout programs. Possessing a good pump can make a big deal of difference when it comes to that point where you are contemplating whether you will be doing that last set or not. It can make a whole lot of difference whether or not you will be pushing yourself to the limit today or putting it off for some other time.

The presence of nitric acids brings positive effects to the body, making you want to increase the number of reps further as well as lift those heavier weights that you’ve avoided for some time. In summary, it pushes you to achieve better results that last for a very long period of time. It’s a very healthy cycle to fall into.

The body’s metabolism is also greatly affected by these supplements. As already discussed earlier, the more efficient our bodies are in transporting the nutrients to their designated location, the fact that the muscles are able to repair and recover. Taking in these supplements would induce our body’s metabolism thereby heightening our body’s ability to process the food that we eat. As a result, the delivery of nutrients becomes more effective and efficient. This ensures that no food or supplement that enters the body gets wasted down the drain.

After having discussed some of the benefits and advantages of taking the supplement, let us now move on to one of the main concerns that most people usually ask about: the possibility of nitric oxide side effects. If taken inappropriately, the possible side effects could include nausea, minor headaches, migraines, diarrhea, and the like; dry mouth, as well as skin irritation, have been known to have transpired as well.

Just like any other product in the market, it is important to get to know the product at hand first and know any possible side effects that may happen before taking it in. It is also best to know how to use such a product the right and proper way beforehand. If needed, consult a doctor or nutritionist first, most especially if one has an existing medical condition and/or is taking a certain kind of medication. Like other products, the body’s reaction would always differ depending on the person taking it. This is why before taking in anything new in order to benefit from its advantages, ensure that the body will react favorably to it.

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