Melanotan Side Effects

Melanotan 2 is a drug used by thousands of individuals for aesthetic purposes for its apparent ability to cause a tan with little or no unnecessary exposure to U.V rays. Originally developed in research by the cancer centre at the University of Arizona, this cyclic heptapeptide was researched to find if it could help prevent the prevalence of skin cancer by increasing the melanin in one’s skin and helping reduce the skin damage that caused the cancer.

Initially developed as Melanotan 1, it was refined into Melatonan 2 with the discovery that it had the qualities of a potent drug. The aphrodisiacal properties were later further researched under the flagship bremelatoid name.

Melanotan 2 however found its way to the street and found a ready market for such a product had not been developed before. It became available countries with little business legislation, much those into the East such as China, started the production of melanotan 2, though the research had not bee conclusive.

It is discouraged by many health organizations and consumers are warned that the melanotan 2 drug may have unpleasant side effects. It may be caused by bad drug interactions in the body, dangerous medication and contamination from other drugs. It is advised that one should consult a doctor before starting to take the drug.

Short Term Melanotan Side Effects

Melanotan 2 itself is known to cause some short term side effects on its users. They include nausea which may be prelude by vomiting and stomach cramps. It’s known to cause loss of or decreased appetite. It may cause slight light headedness preceded by spontaneous head aches.

It usually leads to increased sexual stimulation and simultaneous penile erections, usually 1 to 3 hours after the injection and is effective for 2 to 4 hours. There is usually a flushing of the face, a prolonged redness that retreats after an hour or so. There is a sudden feeling of exhaustion and lethargy, punctuated by yawning and stretching.

The effect of tanning may lead to over tanning, with darkened skin to the face, arms and abdominal areas. Most of these symptoms discovered at the early stages of the drugs use, while still in the foundation phase. It is advised that breast feeding and pregnant mothers abstain completely from its use as its effects on unborn babies are still yet unknown.

Mid Term Melanotan Side Effects

The existing moles on the skin are also said to grow darker and larger with a probability of developing freckles on the face. The mild side effects generally ease of as one progress in to the maintenance phase. In rare cases, the user develops hyperpigmentation, a condition that has large blotches of dark skin, usually a little larger than normal moles.

These however been discounted as not being directly caused by melanotan 2, though their appearance is more apparent after the agonism caused by increased melanocyte. Its various underlying causes may include hyperthyroidism, haemochromatosis, Addison’s disease and phototoxic inflammations caused by other medication.

There are also incidences of white spots caused by reduced melanin and melanocytes in those particular areas. It is not directly caused by melanotan 2 but the increased tanning causes the apparent difference in skin color to be more visible.

The body may, in some cases, react unfavorably to the melanotan 2 because it is a foreign body. This may result in anaphylaxis, an allergic response, where by the body releases large quantities of anti histamines, a condition that is life threatening. It may result in a rapid fall in blood pressure and constriction of the bronchial system. The long term effects of this drug are not known.

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