Let’s Talk About Testosterone

It’s no secret that professional bodybuilders both male and female build their bodies by using steroids and hormones, this is probably the main reason the sport gets a bad reputation and will never be as mainstream as basketball, football, soccer or even baseball.

What many don’t seem to understand is that steroids and hormones are illegal in competitive sports but they are completely legal to use in the medical field, these substances originally were scientifically created to treat medical conditions and diseases but eventually found their way into the wrong hands.

Synthetic testosterone is one of the first and most popular hormones to be used amongst professional athletes inside and outside of bodybuilding ever since it was created back in the 1930’s, many sports such as baseball, fooball, wrestling, boxing and others have been involved in steroid-related cases but the general part of society often chooses to ignore it.

Any given professional athlete can’t perform like he or she does without the use of steroids and hormones, they truly can transform a human into a superhuman. Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in men and even though it’s also produced in women it only does so in really small and almost nonexistent quantities, testosterone is simply what gives men their natural features.

Testosterone naturally performs a series of tasks inside the male human body which in short are: the development of the sexual organs, hair growth and more importantly bone and muscular development. Testosterone levels tend to peak between the ages of 20-30 and then slowly decline as men get older, several side effects of low testosterone levels include excess fat gain, loss of muscle mass, low sex drive and low energy levels.

If the human body doesn’t produce the necessary testosterone levels it needs, the body will not function accordingly. High testosterone levels are not only necessary to live a healthy sex life but they are also crucial in order to maintain a level of balance inside the body that will later translate into sports performance and more importantly overall health.

Testosterone is undeniably of the most important substances that the body produces that has a direct effect on bodybuilding and fitness, if the body produces healthy amounts of testosterone along with plentiful amounts of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the body will progress and building muscle will not be an obstacle.

As it was stated above, the human body starts reducing testosterone production after thirty years of age (the same applies for HGH) and the body starts slowing down, muscle starts disappearing and fat begins to take its place, physical activity becomes more difficult to perform and daily tasks take a bigger toll on the body than they should, it’s a totally natural process that is bound to happen it every single human but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be drastically slowed down.

There are various ways that testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels can be increased and kept in check. If you truly desire to keep your performance at a high and intense level while still being able to build muscle and lose fat you need to train like any professional athlete would, a lot of people over forty tend to slow down on weight training and decide to stick to machines and Zumba lessons, this is completely wrong and should be avoided at all costs, in order for your body to produce hormones it needs to need to produce them. By constantly working out with free weights just like a bodybuilder would you naturally incentivize your body to produce hormones to help it heal, grow and keep on performing at a better pace.

It doesn’t take an expert to know that nutrition is equally or more important than training when it comes to building a world class physique, the purpose of working out is to exhaust the body in every way possible so it can then be fueled with the correct nutrients in order to grow.

As people become older they tend to reduce their daily intake or food in order to avoid gaining fat, if they correctly exercise on a regular basis there is no need for them to reduce their daily caloric intake. Bodybuilders like Dexter Jackson, Johnnie Jackson and Toney Freeman are well over forty years old and eat thousands of calories a day just to stay in shape.

Rest is also extremely crucial when it comes to increasing the body’s natural hormone levels, a lot of people like to think that muscle building, weight loss, and hormone production occur during the day, this is wrong, testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are both produced while you sleep, if you don’t give your body the rest it deserves it simply won’t produce the adequate amount of hormones it needs to stay healthy and active.

One more subject worth mentioning is supplement consumption; believe it or not, there are a wide variety of products out there that can increase the body’s natural testosterone production in a safe, natural and easy way. Not all of the supplements out there work so you need to be really careful, but a good HGH booster or testosterone supplement can be very effective and increasing both human growth hormone and testosterone..

The best selling supplements or legal steroids tend to contain a wide variety of ingredients with specific properties that once they are inside the human body they incentivize and aid in increasing and accelerating the body’s natural hormone production. A lot of people tend to use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and other medical alternatives that are highly delicate and dangerous. Supplements will not have a negative effect on the human body as they are natural and contain highly popular and well-known ingredients with years of research backing them up.

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