Impact Whey Protein Customer Testimonials

In order to see whether or not this product really works, we provide here a various quotes and testimonials from the real Impact Whey Protein customers. These testimonials come from real people with varying degrees of muscle gain. What you will read here are truly amazing stories of real people developing muscle mass by consuming Impact Whey Protein product.

All of these reviews are cited from real customers at MyProtein website, where you can get big discount if you buy Impact Whey Protein at this official online store.

Impact Whey Protein Customers Testimonials:

“Purchased Impact Whey protein as part of my Ironman training nutrition needs. Impressed by the ease of use (mixed well) and the taste was surprisingly good, no chalky after taste you get with so many others formulas” (Sanone, Customer of Impact Whey Protein).


“I have tried a few whey proteins from My Protein. The banana is particularly nice. I used to use another website that are competitive with the prices etc. My Protein are always so quick to deliver and offer discount codes and freebies which I love. Thank youuuuuuuuu My Protein!” (Claire, Customer of Impact Whey Protein).


“I bought this on recommendation from my gym, they also sell MyProtein but at the time of purchase they didn’t have any left in stock. The quality is awesome, I have the cookie & Cream flavour and I mix it with water and it tastes amazing, It’s almost like a treat in itself it’s that nice as I’ve tried other whey proteins and they taste horrible. Does the job I wanted it for and at a great price. I definitely recommend this. Also try the chocolate caramel flavour. Both of these mix really well with water and taste amazing” (Craigy, Customer of Impact Whey Protein).


“Ordered a 1kg bag of banana flavour and I’l tell you now I’ll be ordering more. Smooth, light and refreshing with ice cold milk straight after a sesh. I also bang a 10g scoop of MP unflavoured creatine in with it and don’t notice a difference in taste which is good. I’ve noticed an increase in strength and muscle mass feels fuller and more packed. I use to train hard and ache like crazy the next morning with other proteins but since I’ve been taking MyProteins Impact Whey Protein it’s allowed me to instead of “resting” for 30 secs between each set, jump on the bike and smash it for 30 seconds, lift heavier and longer and still have minimal aches in the morning due to the muscle recovery within the shake. All in all, a quality product and I will definitely buy again. Chocolate coconut is good, so is chocolate smooth and banana, but chocolate mint is too sickly to get through a whole bag of” (Jay, Customer of Impact Whey Protein).


“This is so far the best product I have come across. I do calisthenics and take it after each workout. It mixes well with water and milk – no chunks so far in my experience. The prices are quite cheap compared to most stores on the Danish market. Would definitely recommend MyProtein to my friends” (Jens Hansen, Customer of Impact Whey Protein).


“I recently received my flavour of the month chocolate and coconut Impact Whey Protein which is amazing!! Brilliant flavour that I could drink all day, and with such a range of other flavours to try, I can’t wait for my next flavour! The protein is also working perfectly making gains each week! A must have product at a brilliant price!” (Jordy, Customer of Impact Whey Protein).

If you are ready to make an important decision to gain muscle mass with this excellent yet affordable muscle supplement, click the button below and get discount for your first purchase of Impact Whey Protein products. Bear in mind that if you’ve changed your mind, you still have time to return the product within 14 days after you received your product and we will give you a refund.

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