How To Fix Low Testosterone

Today I plan to speak about low testosterone. While this is something I’ve never dealt with personally, plenty of my clients pay me to sort out this problem for them. In fact, it is much more common, especially in the USA. I know guys who have come to me with testosterone levels like a child would have—and I mean this. One client had blood work done, he’d never used steroids or anything, he’d had problems since puberty and his doctor refused to issue him with Testosterone injections. Yes, 8 year old boys, on average, were producing more natural Test than this guy and his doctor refused it.

After he spoke to me, the first thing I did was point him in the direction of a good lawyer. When he threatened to sue the doctor, surprise, surprise! He was offered testosterone injections. While many would of simply accepted this, he actually did take them to court, won, and got a decent amount of cash.

And I recommend this to anyone in the same situation. A lot of doctors, especially older ones, in the USA simply see testosterone as “steroids.” Even if you need them for bone health, joint health, muscle tissue, sexual dysfunction, numerous other reasons. If you get treated wrong, inform them you are going for a second opinion and will look at legal action. This usually terrifies them enough to get that little finger out of their ass and do some work.

Now let’s take a look at low testosteroneand how we can deal with this problem. Unfortunately, low testosterone is something that affects most every man at some point in thei

life, regardless of how healthy we may or may not be. By age 40, over 50% of all men suffer from low testosterone and by the age of 50 the numbers reach a staggering amount, upwards of 80%. Think holding a lot of fat and losing a lot of muscle! As we continue to age, our testosterone levels naturally decline, it is inevitable, but we do have the ability to offset the end outcome.

You’ve seen the commercials advertising treatment for “Low-T” which is simply a simplified version for saying low testosterone and there is truly only one remedy; anabolic steroids– most notably testosterone therapy. Through sound therapy we can see our levels return to a stable and more efficient range. Hell, if you are a bodybuilder and use them for bodybuilding purposes you can have testosterone levels 20/30 times higher than when you was in your late teens! However, many men choose to ignore the problem and assume the ill-effects are simply due to natural causes.

It is true age plays an important role, but as our lifestyles have increasingly become sedentary coupled with nutritional intake that’s dirty at best, many times, the problem is far more exasperated than need be. However, if we can recognize the symptoms and understand low testosterone, we can largely eliminate the problems associated.

Firstly, let’s take a look at The Aging Effect:

As previously discussed above, we age and our natural testosterone levels fall but in many cases the process is so slow and building over time that it largely goes unnoticed. For many men by the time their levels are truly low, they have become so accustomed to the slight changes they accept them as “normal”. But who wants to be normal? Who wants to look like they have a tire under that shirt of theirs? There are some men out there who will actually experience a rapid decline in a very short period of time, even at a much younger age but they are in the minority and for most the effects will not be felt or noticed until we enter into our thirties and much more pronounced as we enter our forties.

Again, this is completely up to the individual. I mean, after all, some of the most muscular guys in the world are in their 40′s and 50′s respectively. Add this in to the fact some of the STRONGEST men set records in 40′s 50′s. You get the idea of what Testosterone injections and HGH, can do for you, eh?

The Effects of Low Testosterone:

There are many negative effects brought on by low testosterone levels and while an inactive lifestyle and poor diet can cause many of these problems, low testosterone will only make them worse. From physique and physical related to sexual performance, the effects are vast and often dramatically felt; common effects of low testosterone include but are not limited to:

Erectile Dysfunction

Decreased Libido

Decreases in Strength

Decreases in Lean Muscle Tissue

Increased Body Fat


Decreased Energy

Increased Irritability

If you suffer from any of these symptoms there’s a very good chance you suffer from low testosterone, however, in most cases if you suffer from one you will suffer from multiple effects listed above; in many cases every single one. The good news is there is treatment and we can largely reverse every single negative effect associated with this problem and the truth is it is rather a very simple process.

Low Testosterone Treatment:

There is no cure for low testosterone; once your levels become low they will forever remain naturally low; however, there is remedy. While we cannot cure the problem we can treat the symptoms and although we do so by supplementing with the same hormone you now produce in lower levels for all intense purposes this synthetic treatment is just as good. The reactions your body undergoes through its own natural production will be identical when a synthetic version is applied; your body will not know the difference, it simply has a desire and need for testosterone.

Starting to sound good, eh? Especially if you are going through this yourself! Now, let’s keep reading! Once you begin therapy you will rapidly notice improvements but as there is no permanent cure, continuous therapy is of the utmost importance. Once you begin therapy, if you decide to discontinue your low testosterone levels will return very quickly. Granted, this is, for some, a little annoying but ask yourself one question, would you rather undergo therapy that is very simple or suffer from low testosterone?

Injectable Testosterone:

This will prove to be the most effective and efficient type of therapy we can use. For most, a single injection of testosterone once every 10 to 14 days will correct the problem and will generally be well-tolerated by most who use it. Some individuals will need more frequent injections but this will largely be dictated by the type of testosterone you use. Some men will find the idea of injections to be bothersome but we can assure you it is a painless process and if you’re looking for an absolute remedy this is and will always be your best option.

If you believe you suffer from low testosterone you will need to schedule a visit to your local physician or hormone replacement clinic. If you have a hormone replacement clinic in your area this will many times be your best option as this is what they specialize in. Once you schedule your appointment a simple blood work test will be performed. By sampling our blood we can determine how much active testosterone we have in the body, determine where our levels are and how much therapy we need to increase them to a more stable and normal level.

While treatment will increase your levels, there is an interesting fact we cannot ignore. Low testosterone is not easily defined; there is no set standard, no accepted level. Granted, certain readings will be deemed low by all physicians and generally there is a more or less accepted low reading(s) but where they should end up is often highly debated. Due in-part to a lack of education regarding anabolic steroid hormones in general is largely responsible for these discrepancies among many physicians; again, this will make a hormone replacement clinic a far superior choice in most cases.

As many of you will find yourself unable to get a doctor to agree, or hell, just too expensive to afford. I highly recommend you take a look here and purchase some legal testosterone booster for yourself.

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