How Do Androgenic Anabolic Steroids Affect Your Body?

Androgenic-anabolic steroids or AAS are synthetic compounds. Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, is what these steroids are imitating. Male testes are the organs that produce testosterone. Female ovaries also produce testosterone but to a much lesser extent. Testosterone is partly responsible for the development in males that occur during adolescence and puberty period.

It is also involved in the build-up and breakdown of the tissues, including muscle. AAS has become a highly controversial drug mainly because of its capabilities. Some say it’s way too good to be true. People start questioning their side-effects and potentially detrimental effects when the positive effects are proven. Well, you can’t have it all, they say. But even with many negative write-ups and news stories about steroids, particularly AAS, the majority still patronize steroids. If you aren’t a steroid user yet and want to try, steroids for sale are all over the internet.

People tend to neglect the negative things they can get from steroids for sale. The positive effects it gives are making them blind. They are usually only after incredible potency. Not knowing that their intake, just like any other drug, can bring about both positive and negative consequences. The effects of steroids can rely on different factors.

It may rely upon the user’s health condition, medical history, and if other drugs are being taken along with it. As per the report, incidents of ER visits that are related to steroids for sale USA aren’t solely pointed to steroids. These ER visits are also pointing out other drugs taken along with steroids, and the next is abuse. Abuse is common among users, especially if taken outside a medical prescription or not medically necessary. Are you curious about what steroids do to your body? Here you go.

Development of Bones and Muscles

One thing in common amongst steroid-users from athletics, weightlifting, and bodybuilding communities is their goal for taking this drug. Muscle development is the most sought-after effect that everyone is going about on steroids. The effect that comes from steroids becomes a headline that spreads like a wildfire within the said communities.

AAS is a combination of androgenic and anabolic compounds. In this area, where the expected effect is directly related to muscles, the androgenic compound is definitely in action. The androgenic compound has this masculinizing effect. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of male characteristics. These male characteristics include testicles, penis, deep voice, facial and body hair, and bone and muscle mass. People, mostly men, and some women too use steroids illegally to increase their lean muscle mass.

In most medical reports, abuse of Androgenic-anabolic steroids is very common among bodybuilders, weightlifters, and professional athletes. There is also an increase of steroids for sale in USA use among teenagers in the United States. They say that they feel good about themselves when they look and feel more muscular and manly.

AAS works by copying the properties of the naturally produced hormone, testosterone. The receptors that can be found in muscle cells automatically respond to different hormones. Since steroids for sale is a compound with a similar composition to testosterone, they can also activate testosterone receptors. When the receptors are stimulated, there would be a domino effect of metabolic reactions. This effect, which happens as AAS instructs, leads the body to increase the production of muscle tissue.

People who are into AAS experience an obvious and quick increase in muscle strength. So, they can train for a long period. With the enhanced protein synthesis, their muscle tissues also heal and recover quickly. Meaning, a quick increase in lean muscle.

Hormone Booster

It’s a no-surprise that AAS has an intense effect on the hormonal balance of the human body. After all, these steroids are synthetic testosterone. When the first-ever AAS was created in the 1930s, it was made to help males with testosterone deficiency. Testosterone deficiency can be seen in boys who are experiencing delayed puberty.

This deficiency has negative effects on any boy’s confidence mainly because of the underdevelopment of their physical appearance. In this modern age, this medical condition is pretty common among boys engaged in sports and intense physical activities. While steroids for sale can be helpful to males with testosterone deficiency, they could have the opposite effects on healthy individuals. Those healthy individuals who take steroids without a doctor’s supervision, as abusive use may arise later on.

Boost Muscle Mass

As mentioned earlier, this is the most sought-after effect of an AAS. When you look into steroids for sale online, make sure you’ll go through their descriptions. There are more than 100 varieties and it’s best to know which one fits your health condition and goal.

Boost Strength, Stamina, and Performance

Surely, this is the reason why bodybuilders last longer in working out. steroids for sale in the USA have always been known to boost or enhance endurance, stamina, and performance. An AAS has the ability to deploy powerful effects on the human body. These effects are highly beneficial for athletic performance.

According to recorded scientific research, a proper dose of steroids by athletes causes strength gain of 5-20%. It also increases body weight by 2-5 kg related to lean body mass increase. The increase in strength and muscle mass is equal to an increase in stamina, hence the enhanced performance. What else could you ask for as an athlete or bodybuilder when taking steroids is leading you to your goals.

Androgenic Effects

Aside from vitamins, have you ever encountered a drug that is allowed to be used for a long period? Drugs for chronic illnesses, yes, because the patient needs them for maintenance. But other than that? Nothing. Because it’s either you’ll be immune to the effects you’re after, or you suffer from long-term and serious side effects. Your liver and kidneys are also at risk. These organs are crucial for they act as a filter inside our body.

It’s the same with steroids. If you use it long-term, you’ll be immune to the effects, you’ll feel that it’s no longer working. You’ll end up stacking up and trying higher doses until you reach the highest dosage and nothing’s working anymore. The side effects will even get worse. And don’t forget about its androgenic effects.

Knowing that AAS is a synthetic steroid, you should be aware that it would mess with your natural hormones. Prolonged use in men may result in the development of female sexual features. This includes a higher pitch of voice and fatty deposits on the chest that make it look like breasts. The same thing happens with women. Women who use AAS for a long period develop male sexual characteristics like facial hair, deeper voice, and Adam’s apple.

These side effects may subside once you stop using androgenic-anabolic steroids. Post-cycle therapy after steroid use is advisable. This is to ensure that all its traces and side effects will be flushed out of your system. This way, your body will be fully recovered and fresh for another cycle. Just in case you decide to have another round. Let’s not mess around because every user never gets satisfaction no matter how bulky they get. I know you will.

Compromised Liver and Kidneys

As mentioned earlier, both the liver and kidneys act as a filter inside our bodies. They keep harmful things, garbage, from wandering inside and all over the human body. It’s to keep the balance within our organs and the whole body so we can function normally. Even with the changes made by steroids. Abusive use of steroids, especially for a long time, can damage these organs. Preventing them from doing their jobs.

If your liver and kidneys get compromised, many more diseases will surely appear sooner than you can imagine. These diseases will surely lead to organ failure, then multiple organ failure. To avoid these from happening, it is important to consult a physician before taking any drugs. Prescriptions and guidance from a doctor will help you maximize the benefits of steroids for sale USA without suffering much from side effects.

AAS and Kidneys

AAS can affect kidneys in many ways. It can cause and trigger kidney injuries, kidney disease, and glomerular toxicity. It also makes these diseases worse if already present before taking steroids for sale USA. Renal impairment has also been associated with androgenic-anabolic steroids, as a secondary disease to hypercalcemia.

AAS and Liver

Different AAS varieties have different pacing inside a human body. They normally move slowly. However, the slower the clearance from your liver, the more it becomes hepatotoxic. So the longer you take it, the more dangerous it becomes to the liver. Your liver becomes more exposed to risks of different diseases the more abusive you take it. Hepatotoxicity leads to serious liver diseases. This includes but is not limited to hepatic tumors, acute cholestatic syndrome, vascular injury, and toxicant-associated fatty liver disease.

Never underestimate the negative side effects that AAS can cause. The side effects are as serious as how good their benefits are. Talk to your physician. There are many online distributors where you can find steroids for sale when you’re given a prescription.

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