GHRP-2 Results

What are The GHRP-2 Results

Something that is asked to us often is the type of “Results” We can expect to receive if we use GHRP-2.
Personally I feel to get optimal results Ghrp-2 should be used with CJC – WITHOUT Dac that is vital and should also be used for a long period of time. IE up to 6 months.

I also feel that GHRP-2 can increase the benefits of anabolic steroids when they are used together.
Below I’m going to post some of the “Results” That people have shared on the forums about their experiences with GHRP-2

Stephen has the following to say:

“I feel same effects as on GH tbh.

Massive fullness, fatloss but slowly nothing major as its systematic and not like GH where u sometimes see a localized effect.. Good sleep and recovery.

Ur dosing sounds spot on, id switch to Ipam and cjc before bed though. 100/100 is a spot on dose.

Ghrp2 and 6 will elevate cortisol near bedtime and i found it hard to get decent sleep, if u take it an hr n half before might be ok.

Am sure mr scarb will chip in and say what ive wrote is a load of bollocks as per or agree for once lol.

All my personal experience btw.”

Jimmy had this reply to say:

“Agree with Paul, its entirely individual. For me personally, I’d rather jab smaller doses of hgh as I find it to be more effective, for myself. I don’t get all that much from peptides, maybe its my age 26, I don’t know but I know lads younger and much bigger and better than me who rate them so I feel its potentially a genetics thing again?

For me its a lot of jabbing for minimal effect so I spend the extra on growth when I want to include it but give it a try, see what you get out if it and adapt your approach from there. If you then decide its not for you and you’ve got the cash try hgh and see if you find it more beneficial. Def give the peptides a run though, they’re reasonably cheap and many do rate them.”

My opinion? I think peptides are fantastic if used with anabolic steroids and can help you stay lean while bulking or lose more fat when dieting.

They also have a lot of good Healing properties!

Finally, I believe it is useful to use through out or AT THE END of a human growth hormone Cycle. Why?

Think of it as PCT for human growth hormone it causes you to release more of your own natural growth hormone something that has been surpressed while you have INJECTED hgh! Remember this.

So Yes I highly recommend GHRP-2 in all honesty and feel it could be an extremely handy thing to have on hand.

If you are using GRHP-2 CJC, I would recommend injections of upto 6 times per day to get optimal fat loss and muscle building results!

Until next time thanks for reading and be sure to join in comments below.

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