Franco Columbu Steroids

This is a commonly question asked on the forums and it’s really not that hard to see why it is asked as much as it is.

I mean look at this guy he has an incredible physique, one of the most impressive things about him is not just how big and large he looks, we have plenty of guys out there on steroids now who are much bigger, but not many of them look as big and STRONG as he does.

You can tell by looking at this guy his muscles are not just built for show but also built for the purpose of function and lifting heavy weights and that’s what this guy does.

Unlike many bodybuilders today Franco Columbu was not scared of lifting heavy weights, he loved the squat, the dead lift, the bench press, and all of the overhead press variations. He also loved heavy pull ups and it shows in his incredible physique.

He was only 5 foot 5 inches tall in height and weighed 85kgs.

Franco did not have access to the more advanced steroids we have in this day and age such as Human growth hormone, IGF-1, Tren, but he did have access to a lot of the greats.

I believe the staples of his diet will have been Testosterone and, of course, dianabol. These drugs were extremely common to be used especially by Europeans during this time.

It’s fair to say he probably did a full year on cycle for most of the steroids due to the lack of “knowledge” about them at this time, hence, his incredible strength and size.

Franco Columbu steroids is a good question, but I’d like to make a good point here. If this guy could build such an amazing physique on just the basic steroids out there, it shows how many people are lazy now and feel the need to add every steroid under the sun and don’t look anywhere near as good as him.

It’s funny as Franco Columbu was originally a boxer after this he went into the sport of Olympic weight lifting then progressed to strongman and bodybuilding.

He also succeeded well in his acting career and I have no doubt in my mind that in this day and age he would have been a huge hit on the big screen, the charisma, talent, and strength of this guy is nothing short of amazing, he is someone you’d want your kids to look up to as he was an ideal role model for his generation and, of course, future generations. Bodybuilding simply would not be the same without him.

While Franco Columbu steroids may get asked over and over. The real question is how can I learn to work as hard as this guy so I can look just as impressive? The power is inside all of us and I encourage you to better yourself.

Until next time, thank you for reading this article and I plan to do plenty more like it, it was a great write out for me and I really enjoyed it.

Until next time, thank you for reading and be sure to join in comments below.

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