Anabolic Steroids

Today we are going to talk about why I support the usage of anabolic steroids.

I get asked this often “so you support anabolic steroids I just don’t understand how.” Well, let me explain, first off, it’s important I explain to you that I support the USAGE of anabolic steroids not the ABUSE of anabolic steroids. I always feel this is extremely important to get out there.

Now moving on to the second thing I feel I need to say before we begin this article is if you want to buy any anabolic steroids we recomment legal steroids such as Crazybulk, see link below!

Now moving on.

My reason for supporting the usage of performance enhancing drugs is simple really, we live in a day and age where sports men and or women have more and more demands placed upon them. Take a swimmer for example there is only so many “training ways” and natural products we can do to improve ourselves yet we still expect these guys and or girls to go out there and perform ridiculous tasks and feats breaking world records, setting world records, and it’s not just “beating them” by a second or so we want, no we are wanting them trashed and completely destroyed.

Similar to how we want a football player at 300lbs to be able to run a full 100 yards at a ridiculous fast pace.

Sure, nutrition, training your ass off, and recovery are all extremely important and should all be the first things we use before we even dream about anabolic steroids.

But for the advanced athlete who busts his or her ass every day, steroid usage just makes sense.

Let’s take a look at people who simply do it for looks such as figure models.

There is no way to get that type of look naturally, I’m being honest. Strong quads, a sexy ass, big breasts (Implants) and the rest they have all requires hours upon hours in the gym with the correct eating, training and hard work unfortunately if they have the slightest bit of fat or anything wrong with them it can cost them a contract, they lose their livelihood and we are ridiculously judgmental.

We expect them to look their best yet we complain when they use steroids to achieve this goal? I think it’s silly. Have steroids ever killed anyone? Nope, believe it or not there has never been ANY links to steroids causing cancer or death. Don’t believe me? Check out the video on our website proving that anabolic steroids are safe (the video is done by a doctor from yeale)

Despite this, people continue to insult anabolic steroids especially in the USA, remember in some countries Anabolic steroids are legal (In the united kingdom anabolic steroids are legal) that is something that instantly shocks many Americans. But it is another true fact.

Again I just wanted to go over some tips and advice regarding anabolic steroids join in with us on the comments below if you want to discuss this in further depth and thank you for reading this article!

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