Monday, May 16, 2022

Does Creatine Build Muscle?

A common question that is asked is does creatine build muscle and the answer is of course yes. We have done a previous article on creatine and it’s muscle building effects which to be frank can be simply amazing especially when mixed with anabolic steroids.

A simple anavar only cycle has proven to make uptake of creatine 80% more effective not bad is it?

And it’s also something we can really appreciate it! Creatine can build muscle extremely fast and is extremely effective. The problem is there is a lot of CRAP creatine products on the market

CEE for example does not work, if you are thinking of purchasing creatine you need to purchase Creapure or micronized creatine to get the best possible results.

Next we need to look logically are you natural or are you using anabolic steroids to give you a bigger push? If so you need to get some extra creatine into you.

When using anabolic steroids we go through more of our natural stores of creatine a quick and simple effective way to use creatine is the following

5 grams morning

5 grams pre workout

5 grams post workout

5 grams before bed

Does creatine build muscle? Yes, yes it does. But if the rest of your training is shit and you take a handful of anabolic steroids and creatine you won’t get bigger, you’ll just get fatter bare that in mind

A diet full of high protein, medium carbs, medium fats.

By following this through you can use creatine to really maximize your results.

Now what can a natural athlete expect?

Let’s say you can squat 300lbs for 8 reps, you will probably find yourself able to blast out 10 reps after a week or so of use. Yes, not really steroid results BUT it will help you out especially over the course of a year when you can add an extra 5lbs or so of muscle mass you wouldn’t have before.

Now with anabolic the magic really happens, the extra influx of creatine that is forced into your muscles can easily make your arms an inch bigger and if this isn’t fabulous enough, the extra water forced into the muscle cells can easily add 5-6lbs to the bar, which means you’ll lift MORE weight then you could before, recruit more muscle fibres and build MUCH MORE MUSCLE.

This is why I recommend creatine so much to those of us bulking on anabolic steroids. Creatine is cheap and can add a HUGE extra dimension to your training!

Until next time thanks for reading Does creatine build muscle the answer of course being yes

And be sure to join us in comments below and spread the message once again thank you!

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