Female Bodybuilders: Strong Women that All Men Desire and All Women Desire To Be, and How This Can Be You

Female Bodybuilders. Mention the name and men everywhere begin to run into the nearest bathroom drop their pants and check the size of their testicles.

But in all seriousnes, what is it that makes men think this way? I’ve always found it a strange thought– Why shouldn’t women have a nice, muscular body? Isn’t that something we all desire in our women? Now, I know a lot of men arent going to find a female version of Jay Cuttler very attractive. But lets turn the tables… How many females see someone with his build as attractive? Good question, no?

We look at females in the light of “men should be, big women small”, “me Tarzan, you Jane”, end of. Now, is this really how we should view it? Let’s look at some of the most famous and sought after women.

Wonder woman! Women’s rights groups world-wide love her, and so most boys and men (usually for completely different reasons, mind you.) But what is it most young boys or guys who read comics love so much about this woman? Why the wank fest?

Well, let’s look what she has: The first thing you see are her two biggest muscles– her breasts. However, shifting our eyes outwards, we see striking abs with muscles that define her. Her abs are so toned, that she would more than likely be in the 6% body fat range. We then look at her arms, while not huge, they are certainly very muscular, well defined, and attractive. We gaze downwards to her thighs– once again, there isn’t a spot of fat there; large muscular thunderous thighs. Put together heaping breasts, vuluptuous legs, and a 6pack of abs that will blow most guys out of the water, and what do we have? Something young boys and nerds alike go mad over all year long. A figure who guys want their girlfriends to dress up as, and women everywhere can get as slutty as they want dressing up as her on Halloween, while also feeling a sense of empowerment. So here, we have a muscular woman who is desired by both men and women alike.

Now I know what a lot will say “Well, yeah, I’d love it if my woman could look like wonder woman, but she’s only a comic book character!” And ladies, I’ll bet you’re thinking “I wish I HAD A body like that, but she’s not real!” The truth is that you actually you CAN have a body like that. Keep reading and I will unveil the secrets.

Let’s take a look at some more “real life” people then, shall we?

We’ll start with Beth Phoenix in the WWE. At the time of this article, she is the WWE Divas champion. Beth, unlike most of the other current divas, carries an impressive amount of muscularity, and at the same time keeps all of her femininity– a very impressive feat. Strong, Beautiful, and sexy, this diva has what most women desire. She has the ability to walk in the ring or in the streets and look as strong as most guys while still radiating with femininity and throwing in your face that she is not just your average “barbie doll”. Here you get someone who throws her strength, power, and beauty into your face. Women and men everywhere love her.

Now before you start thinking to yourself again, where I am going with this, and that Beth Phoenix is just Superhuman, and you could never do this– Think again! Beth herself would be one of the first to tell you of the hard work she had to put in to get the body she has now. But she got incredible results in a decent amount of time and for her work she now looks like this.

In fact, this is something I think a lot of women would love to look like. (And also a lot of men would love you to look like this)

Theres a difference in a woman being “freakishly huge” and a woman who has curves and muscles that shine and show off glamoursly. Thats what we are talking about in this article. (though, there is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to be as big and muscular as possible. This is not the article for that. we have plenty more that cater to those needs)

So what have we learned so far? The advantages of having a nice muscular female body are..?

1 You will look better than your friends.
2 You will be full of self confidence.
3 You will get plenty of compliments and questions asking you how you stay motivated and look so good. Not just from guys but from other girls.
4 You wont get intimidated or bullied. Who wants to bully someone stronger than them? You will also put off would be attackers who will naturally think of the reprecaussions of such an attack as you will not look an easy target.
5 You will inspire people.
6 You will look great naked

While this is all great and dandy, I’m sure you are wondering how you can obtain this body for yourself.

The following cycle is for a female who has trained at least 3 years naturally and consistantly. It is a very effective cycle that will add a nice amount of muscle onto the female body. I’d recomend doing this at around 8% body fat. YOU CAN do this around the 12% level which is very fitting on a woman. It will help you define your abs and build a nice stack of muscle that will improve your looks dramatically.

I would recommend the dosage at

Week 1-5 at 5MG everyday.So a typical week from the first five would look like this

Day 1 5MG
Day 2 5MG
Day 3 5MG
Day 4 5MG
Day 5 5MG
Day 6 5MG
Day 7 5MG

After this week 6-8 will look like this.

Day 1 8MG
Day 2 8MG
Day 3 8MG
Day 4 8MG
Day 5 8MG
Day 6 8MG
Day 7 8MG

As you can see for yourself, this cycle, while the doses are not mega high, it will yield some fantastic results for a serious female trainee.

I hope this article is found useful and also educational. It’s honestly down right stupid and offensive the way the female body and female trainees in general are looked at today. I will be publishing more articles such as these, and encourage everyone, male and female, alike, to discuss this topic in the forums. It’s time we embrace the female body for the beauty it can be rather than hiding it away and expecting them to be skinny rag dolls. If you find the female body “sexy” but intimidating, perhaps you should focus more on your own training? and thank you for reading my article about female bodybuilders.

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