Dianabol Dosage

Another common question asked about dianabol is “what type of dianabol dosage should I use?” As with every question I get asked on here it depends on YOUR situation.

1 How many cycles do you have under your belt?

2 Are you doing a dianabol only cycle?

3 Are you stacking with just testosterone or doing a test – deca – dianabol stack?

4 How much do you weigh so far?

Again, I can go on for a long time.

It’s hard to give a correct dosage range. I know some people who use 30mg daily, which I consider to be quite low, but have added a good 10/12lbs when adding it with a testosterone Cycle, known as the good old Test-Dbol cycle we hear so much about.

Another dianabol dosage I hear often is 60mg daily for the first 6 weeks of a cycle taken with testosterone, again this is a bit higher but leads to dramatic results.

I will tell you, however, about something I think is quite silly. People who only run a dianabol dosage of say 40mg daily for 4 weeks. While it is quick acting to stabilize the gains of muscle and strength you want to at least hit 6 weeks, I know some guys who do 8 to 10 weeks, which may seem quite long.

But 6 weeks is the minimum length you should look at taking dianabol in my PERSONAL opinion.

A good typical dianabol dosage would be 40mg daily with testosterone enthanate stacked. You’d run this for 12 weeks the test, and 6 weeks the dianabol. This would give some VERY good gains in my honest opinion.

I have seen some go up to 100mg daily on their dianabol dosage. This I do believe is going quite far as there’s better options “bang for your buck”-wise once you get to this level. (Anadrol, for example) Would actually be LESS liver toxic than dianabol at the same dosage, so I’d consider taking that if you are at the level required to be thinking about such dianabol dosages.

Dianabol is great for giving you muscular pumps too. However, some people complain that the “lower back” pump they get on dianabol can be a bit over the top and painful. Fortunately I’ve never experienced this and I’m a believer that using Taurine for cramps, for example can dramatically fix this problem as many other athletes have soon learned who use this!

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