Dianabol Cycles – D-Bol for Beginners and Intermediate Users

Dianabol is scientifically written under the chemical formula C20H28O2 . Under its IUPAC systematic name, it is called 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1, 4-androstadien-3-one 1-Dehydro-17 a methlytestosterone.

From being the first ever steroid produced by man to the most popular steroid of today’s time, Dianabol has come a long way.  Usually people tend to take up new steroids that visit the market over older ones but D-bol has a unique history of have a loyal following of users from the time it was first manufactured.

The major function of Dianabol is development of quality muscle mass as well as strength gain. Since these two are prime objectives of people seeking steroid use, D-bol seems to be the best option to be used in the bulking phase of the cycle. The reason D-bol is preferred over other drugs is because it renders many other added benefits to its user and also keeps them away from the risk of side effects. The strength and muscle gain in case of Dianabol is mainly due to the compound methandrostenolone, which is the most active ingredient of this drug. Its main users are bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes preparing for competition purposes.

However, good news about this steroid is that it also produces many added benefits in its users. To start with, it enhances the person’s ability to train for longer hours without getting tired soon. It does it by boosting the process of protein synthesis in the tissues which in turn increases the level of nitrogen in the body. This increase in nitrogen enhances the person’s capacity to endure more exertion. Dianabol also increases the level of body insulin in the blood as a result of which the person feels more relaxed and light. It is known to improve appetite and sleep as well.

Cycle 1:

15 tabs/day
22 tabs/day5 tabs/day
32 tabs/day6 tabs/day
43 tabs/day6 tabs/day
53 tabs/day5 tabs/day
64 tabs/day5 tabs/day
71 tab/day
81 tab/day

PROVIRON    100 tab

DIANABOL    230 tabs

CLOMID         15 tabs

One of the most important benefits of D-bol comes after the steroid cycle is over. It establishes what is known as a temporary anabolic state in the body which does not allow proteins present in the tissues to breakdown into amino acids. This helps keep the muscles firm even when the person has stopped working out in the post cycle phase.

Cycle 2:

11 tab/day1 tab/day500 mg200 mg
22 tabs/day1 tab/day750 mg400 mg
33 tabs/day750 mg400 mg
42 tabs/day750 mg400 mg
5750 mg5 tabs/day400 mg
6500 mg4 tabs/day400 mg
7250 mg3 tabs/day400 mg
83 tabs/day200 mg
9200 mg
105000 IU2 tabs/day
111 tab/day1 tab/day
  • ANADROL     60 tabs
  • NOLVADEX   25 tabs
  • SUSTANON   4250 mg or 17 amps/1 ml/250 mg
  • DIANABOL    110 tabs
  • DECADURABOLIN   3000 mg or 15 amps/2 ml/ 200 mg
  • HCG 5000 IU  x 1
  • CLOMID         25 tabs

It must be noted that Dianabol is a strong anabolic compound and should not be administered in the body for a very long period of time. This is because its excessive use might cause certain conditions like high blood pressure and toxicity of liver to appear. In extreme cases, one might confront estrogenic effects like water retention and gynecomastia.





1400 – 500 mg200 – 300 mg50 mg/day
2400 – 500 mg300 – 400 mg100 mg/day
3600 – 750 mg400 – 600 mg100 mg/day
4600 – 750 mg400 – 600 mg50 mg/day
5600 – 750 mg400 – 600 mg35 mg/day
6600 – 750 mg300 – 400 mg30 mg/day
7400 – 500 mg200 – 300 mg30 mg/day
8400 – 500 mg200 – 300 mg25 mg/day

In this cycle you use:

Only Dianabol oral cycle

This cycle required 492 tablets of 5mg Dianabol. As a precaution to keep the body away from the risk of side effects, it is advised to be taken under a classic pyramid scheme, three times a day. It is a 10 week cycle employing only D-bolin it.

Week 1444444529
Week 2555555737
Week 3777777749
Week 4799999961
Week 51010101010101070
Week 61010101010101070
Week 7999999761
Week 8777777749
Week 9755555537

A 4-week break after the completion of this steroid cycle is a must. For faster recovery and maintenance of the muscle tissue gained, intake of Clenbuterol (liquid Clenbuterol dosage) during this phase is highly recommended.

D-bol happens to be one of the most popular steroids today and so can be easily bought from any reputed online steroid store or a pharmacy. The good news is that it can be bought with as well as without a prescription. It is available in forms such as syrups, injections and tablets. Just make sure that the site you choose to buy D-bol from should have discreet policies so that your transactions remain safe and secured.

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