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Cutting steroids: is there really such a thing? Youve probably heard it said before, all anabolic steroids can be used for cutting, and there is a strong element of truth in that statement, but there are steroids that can help us with this end far more than others. While thats true, when it comes to cutting steroids there’s something many people fail to understand, and this is largely due to the overall misconception of anabolic steroids. Through our discussion, well dispel this myth and improper way of thinking, and explain to you what you need to do in-order to obtain the physique you desire. Further, yes well go over which anabolic steroids are the primary for cutting, or rather, which ones can serve that purpose to the greatest degree; lets dive in.

The myth is fairly basic; supplement with cutting steroids and you’ll be ripped to the bone; supplement with them and they will provide you with cuts and lines. This is not only ridiculous, its actually laughable, but its not hard to understand why so many people think this way. When it comes to anabolic steroids, most people dont even know what they are; much less have a solid steroidal education. As far as most people are concerned, anabolic steroids are mythical, magical substances brewed by a dark lord of the underworld; substances that hold the power to turn any many into a superhero. Lets be clear; theres nothing magical about anabolic steroids, and cutting steroids are not going to provide cuts and lines; sorry, it doesnt work that way.

Through steroidal supplementation, our metabolism is enhanced enabling us to burn calories at a higher rate, but thats not all. Through supplementation, we are now able to lose body-fat while protecting the lean tissue we already possess; this will in-turn speed up our metabolism even more, and more importantly provide the look we desire. The cuts and lines youre after, theyre already there; you cant see them because they are covered by a layer of body-fat. Once the fat is stripped, theyll be seen, and the more lean tissue you carry the greater such lines and cuts will stand out. Of course, even if you supplement with steroids for cutting, if you are consuming more calories than you burn youre not going to lose body-fat; the steroids are not going to do the work for you, but theyll give you the ability to maximize your work. All that said, it is true; certain steroids can work to reduce fat, and these will be the best ones we can choose can enhance overall conditioning by providing a harder look, but we must already be lean to reap such a reward; if theres excess body-fat there can be no reward.

If youre going to implement a cutting cycle, truth be told almost any anabolic steroid can work, but there are ones that will maximize your potential to the fullest; they are the best. Each one of these steroids will preserve tissue and strength, and strength preservation, while not essential is useful as it will help you get through your training. Further, each one of these steroids will promote enhanced recovery; if we cant recover fully, we will fall short as the stress this places on our body can send us in the wrong direction. From there, each of these anabolic steroids will enhance conditioning, providing a harder and tighter look; some will even directly burn body-fat, and those will be the best cutting steroids of all. We have listed your top choices below, with notes to help you reach your goal:

  • Anavar: one of the safest anabolic steroids of all-time, well-tolerated by men and women, Anavar is one of the few steroids that will primarily be used as a cutting agent. For most women, this will be the primary steroid used, often the only one needed; 10mg every day should do the trick. Men will need significantly more, generally 50-80mg per day, and will find it works best on the back end of a cycle.
  • EQuipoise: a great preservation steroid, EQ can also increase muscular endurance substantially allowing you to push through your diet with the necessary force. While it wont promote conditioning effects to the same level as many of these steroids, it will enhance the metabolic rate and work very well in conjunction with other cutting steroids. Most men will find this to be a good choice on the frontend of a cutting plan with 100-200mg every other day being the way to go for solid results.
  • Masteron: not one of the strongest steroids on our list by any means, Masteron carries all the basic cutting traits, but it will be its hardening and anti-aromatase effect that makes it worth consideration. A very good steroid, but you must already be extremely lean if youre going to benefit significantly making it an excellent pre-contest bodybuilding steroid; most men will find 100mg every other day with the Propionate version to be perfect.
  • Primobolan: simply an all-around quality steroid, Primobolan carries all the basic traits needed for a cutting plan, and can be tolerated well by most men and women. Most women will find use will be best served on the frontend or mid-cycle at a dosing of 100mg per week, whereas most men will need around 400-500mg per week.
  • Testosterone: often testosterone is not thought of as a cutting steroid; however, it carries every last trait we can desire out of a cutting steroid with the exception of directly burning fat. Further, its raw power will only enhance the total cycle, but more importantly, most men will find it necessary to include if they are to stave off a low testosterone condition. Testosterone can be used throughout the entire cycle, but some may find they need to discontinue use at the end of a cutting plan if they are a competitive bodybuilder and water becomes an issue. As for dosing, this can vary tremendously based on desire; most men can tolerate 200mg every other day of an esterified version, but 100mg every other day may be enough.
  • Trenbolone: of all the cutting steroids on our list, Trenbolone is the best of all; in-fact, its power in this regard is perhaps greater than all the other steroids on this list combined. Tren will carry every last trait including direct fat-burning, and when it comes to conditioning there is none greater. For this purpose, most men will find the Acetate version to be their primary choice; Trenbolone-Acetate is the most potent and easiest to control. The backend of the total cycle is the best time to include this steroid, with 50mg every other day being more than enough to provide transforming results. 100mg every other day is often quite common, with dosing being increased to daily for competitive needs at the end of a cycle.
  • Winstrol: one of the best choices for a cutting plan; Winstrol can be tolerated by men and women. Carrying all traits, every last one, Winstrol is a premier hardener, and simply an all-around fantastic choice. When combined with other cutting steroids, this is when most will find it truly shines, but even alone it can provide decent results. Most women will find this to be a decent choice early on or for mid-cycle use with a dosing of 10-12.5mg every other day. As for men, the backend of a cutting plan is perfect, with 50mg per day being about as much as anyone should ever need.

This page may reference and depict doctor prescribed medications, steroids, or steroid-like substances that might not be accessible without a prescription from an authorized doctor, or in some cases, illicit in the United States. We are not under any conditions supporting or suggesting you take such substances. We reference such substances for illustrative purposes or just to contrast them with legitimate dietary enhancements. You can find out about negative consequences of taking steroids here

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