Build muscle after 50

So you think you’re too old, too fat, too weak? Nope, never.

I told a story in my build muscle after 40 article about a 50 year old man I knew who was weighing in at just under 400lbs, at 5’6 yes this guy was well in a lot of bad shape.

But guess what? By the age of 55 he had competed in NATIONAL bodybuilding championships in the usa, placing second and third respectively.

He lost all the fat and built a ton of sexy muscle and he looks better than most 20 year old guys out there, not bad, eh?

Build muscle after 50 is extremely possible but we need to do a few things.

One you want to go down the route of increasing your testosterone, I’m sorry but you do. Your testosterone is probably as low as when you was 8, IE erection difficulties, weak bones, lack of energy, depression, lack of strength etc.

But we can fix that a simple testosterone cycle will fix this, I’d go as far as to say you should stay on testosterone all the time now at a moderate dosage what can you expect by doing this?

Losing fat.

Building muscle

Huge increase in your sex drive.

All of these are certainly worth it.

Some people are able to go to their doctors and get hormonal replacement, but unfortunately 98% of the doctors out there will say they don’t understand it, or not to worry about it and leave you in a huge mess!

So let’s talk about build muscle after 50 shall we?

I’d recommend doing for at least 12 weeks injections of 500mg every 5 days of testosterone enthanate.

This with a vigorous weight training routine will allow you to add up to 20lbs of muscle mass while burning 10-15lbs of fat not bad eh? A complete makeover!

If you can afford it I’d also take a look at supplementing Human growth hormone, this is much more expensive and not always ideal for most, but if you can get it, certainly take a look at it.

You can buy all the products mentioned here on our website of course by clicking our “web store”

build muscle after 50 is possible but you need to focus on a good routine.

The rules don’t change! Heavy compound lifts, train at least 4 days per week, 5×5 is a good way to start, or 5/3/1 EAT well, tons of vegetables, slow releasing carbs, if you are really over weight perhaps take a look at the anabolic diet? A high fat diet that is high in fat, high in protein, low in carbs, that 1000s are using and seeing some of the best muscle building and fat loss results of their life.

Until next time thanks for reading build muscle after 50 and be sure to share this with your friends, no one has to feel depressed, no one has to look bad WORK HARD train hard, LIVE good!

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