Best ways to build muscle

So you want to build muscle mass, huh? You want the Best ways to build muscle? Then you came to the right place. First off if you are wanting information on anabolic steroids and the best steroids to take then have a browse through our website, we have done articles on every single steroid that is currently available on the market, how to use them safely and effectively and you can check this out if you want more information on them.

Now moving on with the Best ways to build muscle

1 a good diet plan is essential, you need to have an extremely good meal eating plan if you wish to build muscle mass and create a good body, you want to prevent fat gain and you want to build muscle rapidly fast and get the best looking body you possibly can.

2 You need a good workout routine, there are a TON of workout routines provided for absolutely free on this website, so go check them out but if that is not good enough for you or you need more help then join our forum! We are always here to help and provide as much information as humanly possible!

3 If you are using anabolic steroids decide which you need, are you cutting? Are you bulking? And both 1 and 2 should be done correctly before you even attempt to use anabolic steroids! Are you male are you a woman? Are you over 21? Yes, you can end up looking like an Olympian your body will be that good, but you need to know what you are doing steroids are NOT magical pills remember to keep that in mind when thinking about the Best ways to build muscle

Now you need to be using the best compound exercises if you wish to build muscle mass.

The squat

I’m sorry but if you are asking about the Best ways to build muscle and you do not squat then shame on you. The squat is one of the most powerful exercises known to man, I’ve done at least 40 articles on it, and I could do at least 400 on it, it is such a great exercise, it works, activates, recruits, more muscle fibres than any other exercise it is one of the most superior exercises out there. Not only will it give you the biggest legs possible but it also works the stomach muscles and so many others, if you want the Best ways to build muscle then the squat is one of them.

Number 2

the dead lift, nothing works the hamstrings, glutes, and back muscles as much as the deadlift, you want a great back? Deadlift heavy, you want great glutes and hams? Deadlift heavy, want to prevent injury and stabilize your body? Deadlift heavy! Again just as the squat it is easy to see why this is on the Best ways to build muscle

Number 3

The bench press, one of the most popular exercises in the world, but as I always say for the wrong reasons, it works the chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, stomach, and even lower back to some degree. This exercise is fantastic and will help you build one of the biggest upper bodies possible. Best ways to build muscle

Number 4

The overhead press this exercise is king remember in the article I did about the overhead press before? Where I told you how everyone use to say “how much do you press” rather than how much do you bench? The overhead press is the true test of strength and is one of the most underused exercises in this day and age, why? Because it’s bloody hard that’s why! But it cannot be left out of any list that speaks of the Best ways to build muscle

number 5

The pullup. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wide grip, or close grip this exercise works the lats like no other, you want a big large muscular back, then do plenty of pull ups, high reps, weighted reps, whatever make sure you do them and do them often, again you know why it’s on this article titled Best ways to build muscle

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