Best Protein Powder For Vegans

If you are a vegan, you might wonder as how to supplement your diet that helps you to build up mass without consuming meat. The answer clicking into your head is simply ‘no’, as you feel it is not possible to gain body mass without adding meat into your diet, but fitness experts have a different opinion from you!

Protein powders made for vegans include all essential elements and nutrients that can be used as a dietary supplement along with your work out sessions at gym. Experts say that you can get the right amount of amino acids even being a vegetarian, and thus, have presented eight options of consuming nutrients from multiple sources. These options are:

  • Soy Protein:

It is the byproduct of soya bean and includes some important elements such as fiber and amino acids that are very helpful in muscle building. It is easily digestible, and mixes smoothly when added with different foods and liquids. Furthermore, it is free from lactose and gluten. All these factors make it a must-have item in your diet plan especially when you are trying to build muscles faster. In addition to this, if you are a lacto-vegetarian and can easily consume dairy items, then you can mix it with whey for a more intact post-workout power.

  • Hemp Protein:

This powder is made from the extracts of hemp seeds and is a rich source of amino acids. It is easily digestible in nature, which means you can consume this as a pre-gym supplement without landing up with any stomach issues during the workout sessions. Some experts say that it is completely healthy omega-3s and omega-6s while others say that the fat and calorie content of it is very high, so if you are aiming to cut, you can go for casein powder and whey.

  • Whey Protein:

Whey protein is basically the left over nutrient from cow milk once casein powder is removed during the process of cheese making; it becomes a strong supplement option for the vegans. Experts suggest that you must consume whey as a whole because it is a mixture of concentrate and isolate. They further believe that it has the ability to work in collaboration, for the generation of muscle production. Another added advantage is the low level of lactose in it, which makes it a suitable option for lactose intolerant users.

  • Casein Protein:

As we said, casein powder is also a byproduct of cow milk and constitutes almost 80% of it, and is also produced during the cheese making process. It is not suitable for vegans but if you are a lacto-vegetarian, then you can consume this by mixing it with roster. Some experts suggest that it should be consumed before going to bed, as it can greatly assist in body mass building. Basically, it helps to prevent the breaking down of muscles during the sleep, providing a quick recovery system before your next workout.

  • Brown Rice protein:

At first, lets highlight a fact that brown rice protein is not a complete protein in nature and you have to mix it with powder that has higher levels of amino acids to get the best results. This vitamin B and fiber enriched powder is lactose and gluten free, which makes it normal for almost everyone to consume. It is also titled as ‘hypoallergenic’, which means you are less likely to have allergic reactions after using this.

  • Yellow-Pea Protein:

Once again, just like brown rice protein, this yellow bean protein does not contain amino acids in higher quantity, which is of course, very essential for muscle building. Various studies suggest that it can help to prevent hypertension and kidney problems, so it is advised to pair it with other proteins for example tofu and quinoa to get the maximum benefits. But wait, do not forget to use it in moderation!

  • Egg Protein:

Being an ovo-vegetarian, it must be not new for you to hear that egg is one of the best sources of proteins that provide amino acids in the most balanced form and also shed extra fats and unwanted carbs from your body. Nevertheless, this means that this source of protein is the best choice for people doing workouts. Being very digestible, it helps to gain lean muscles very conveniently. However, consistent usage is a must!

  • Mixed Protein/Blend of protein powder:

All above mentioned protein sources are best of their kinds with multiple benefits for its users, but there is a latest formula that blends several forms of plant protein to deliver various nutrients. It is a single powder that is basically a fusion of millet, lentils, sprouts, beans, flax seeds and the list goes on. You can say that this unique and latest form of protein powder is a one-stop solution for your muscle building requirements.


These 8 protein sources will help all vegans to bound muscle mass, without actually consuming meat! However, these hold equal benefits for the non-vegetarians too! So, best of luck!



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