Beginners Guide To Fat Loss

I get so many emails on a daily basis asking me how to lose weight. 99% of the time these guys or gals have NEVER lifted a weight in their life.

This is the BEGINNERS guide to fat loss.

Will these tips make you a massive lean machine? No, probably not. Hard work is the only way to do that!

No, what these tips will do is help you lose weight from the get go. Not only that, they will help you lose fat at rapid pace.

Let’s face it guy or girl, man or woman, if you are 200lb of pure fat, you want to lose the weight as fast and safely as possible, and this is what I will teach you to do.

Tip number 1 Be honest with yourself! Set realistic goals.

Yes, be honest with what you eat. Don’t say “Well, I don’t eat much. I mean, I do I eat, like, a burger and chips but… that’s all I eat all day.”

Did you eat some candy bars today? Did you eat some crisps/chips? Do you constantly drink soda? mhmm? Let’s be honest with ourselves. If we find it hard to completely cut things out, we’ll have to start slow.

For example, let’s say you eat 2 burgers and fries a day. Let’s cut it down to 1 burger and fries a day, and move on from there.

Tip Number 2 Cut out the soda.

Yes! Soda is one of the worst ways to bloat and hold onto fat, despite its insulin releasing properties (Insulin is the main enemy of our lives if we want to lose fat!) it also encourages bingeing and craving for sugar.

This again leads us to over eat and gasps we store fat!

Now, I know some will suggest drinking diet soda, that doesn’t have any sugar in it, problem solved right? Um, wrong! There have been countless tests done to show the effects of “diet” soda’s and other products like this. Want to know what they found? It actually caused almost the same amount of insulin to be released as a NORMAL drink full of sugar!

But how could this happen? Well, we are not entirely sure. It’s debatable and likely that the artifical sweeteners cause the body to do this. But as of yet it is not entirely known why this happens.

Main point, I’ve had many individuals come to me and guess what? The first thing I do is cut sodas and they normally lose up to 5/6lbs in the first week. In fact, women lose EVEN MORE.

So get rid of that soda!

Tip number 3: Let’s eat lower GI index carbs!

Yes. We won’t get rid of carbs completely. Let’s make a few changes where needed.

Your breakfast. What do you eat? Some typical cereal you bought from Walmart? Or is it worse than that, perhaps you don’t even eat anything! It’s very important. Why? I don’t know, maybe because it kicks starts your metabolism, speeding up how you lose fat for the entire day. DO NOT MISS YOUR BREAKFAST!

Instead of eating some crappy bowls of cereal, I’m going to teach you a great healthy breakfast and how to make it tasty!

First let’s get some oats and milk. Now you can just eat oats and milk but let’s be honest, that gets dull pretty quick. So what we’re going to do is add some fruit. Most of my clients like to cut up Strawberries and mix them in with the oats. But another trick I have is adding half an apple, cutting it up into small pieces, add a few strawberries and this, honestly, tastes great!

What’s more is the fruit is full of antioxidants, which, guess what? Aids in fat loss. Why? Because when you start breaking down fat and getting rid of it your body releases all these toxins that were stored in the fat, eventually this slows you down when trying to lose fat. The great thing with antioxidants is it fights these toxins off and helps you continue burning fat at a rapid pace.

Try this breakfast out.

Tip number 3 Add in some exercise.

Seriously. You can’t afford the gym? Or you are embarrassed to go? Maybe you are scared you’ll look too weak, too fat.

Well aren’t you in luck. Below is a basic routine anyone can do at home.

You start off by doing it 5 minutes daily. Every day you will add 30 seconds until eventually you’ll hit 45 minutes. By this time, if you have changed your eating habits and followed the rest of the advice given here, losing 50/60lbs (depending on your weight) is very likely.

You start off with a simple 5 reps of push ups. You then go to 5 reps of body weight squats and then 5 reps of reverse crunches or basic crunches.

You repeat this over and over for the full 5 minutes.

5 sit ups

5 push ups

5 squats.

You can add some variety by changing the way you do the exercises. But along as you increase this by 30 seconds every session you will see DRAMATIC improvements.

Think of it, could you do 45 minutes of exercise now?

But if I ask you to do 5 minutes and only add 30 seconds per day well. The world is achievable.

There is MANY more exercises you can do and add to your routine and this is just a VERY basic layout of what you need to do to lose fat.

But as many people don’t know where to start, this is WHERE you start. The minute you get off your ass, change your diet, change the way you live and actually try to do something. This is when it begins. Don’t cry anymore. Don’t whine. It’s your fault your like this, so fix it.

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