Anavar Cycle: Is It Right for You?

If it wasn’t for the cost, Anavar or Oxandrolone (as it used to be known) would be the most popular anabolic steroid on the bodybuilding block. Anavar cycle gives you steady strength gain and helps build muscles at every stage of the cycle. The muscles you’ll build aren’t just full of water, they’re hard and they last.

What’s more, even though Anavar is 17-alpha-alkylated it goes easy on your liver. Anavar isn’t the steroid to use if you simply want to overinflate your bulk (without an actual strength benefit) but Anavar is a popular steroid with top athletes for a reason. For a serious trainer, it comes packed full of benefits and scant few negatives.

For starters, the Anavar cycle is gentle on the old HTPA (Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis), compared to some less companionable steroids we could mention. Anyone not sure how important that is should focus on the second word… To put it another way, you wouldn’t want to fill a sports car with a high-performance fuel that leaves you with a constantly blown piston.

Anavar Cycle for Beginners

The Anavar cycle seems to be a big hit with first-time users and there have been numerous reports of first-timers taking Anavar orally (it’s available in pill form) without a testosterone base. Many reported back that they didn’t need Post Cycle Therapy or suffered any unwanted side effects. Another huge bonus of an Anavar cycle is that it can be used whether you’re trying to diet down or wanting to build muscle up because you don’t have to worry about unnecessary water retention (and the unwanted weight it brings with it).

Back in the nineties, a common Anavar cycle was 25mgs per day, but because of the big benefits (see above) most weightlifters raised the dosage to 50mgs per day, with no damaging consequences. Plenty of athletes felt comfortable enough to increase the amount of Anavar they used and saw a massive spike in results from using 80mgs (and more) per day. Currently, the basic Anavar cycle still encompasses just 50mgs per day, for eight weeks (and still yields satisfying results), but 80mgs per day would likely give you a real boost. Anavar is an incredibly popular training aide and today some bodybuilders are happily using 80-100mgs of Anavar with astonishing results and no recorded ill-effects.

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Anavar Cycle Results

Results will always vary from individual to individual and the most effective method for sustained muscle gain would be to use Anavar in multiple cycles and find the optimum dosage for your goals. Because of Anavar’s low impact and agreeable nature, it’s possible to use it to build a great steroid combination. Some users recorded great results after adding testosterone to the base of their cycle and then another steroid, such as Equipoise or Trenbolone, to give them an edge. Others are still singing the praises of Anavar mixed with Winstrol.

With so many pills on the market that give you bulk, but no substance (like an over-filled water balloon) it is good to see a steroid that has bona fide muscle returns. Anavar pills are easy to swallow and quick to ingest, they don’t batter your liver, and (unlike Deca and Testosterone) they tend not to diminish and dull the libido. They are great little pills that have been around for a while, have been popular for a while, and have results that you just can’t argue with.

Despite the cost, an Anavar cycle is one of those things worth paying a little extra for.

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