Anapolon 50: Steroid Use, Drug Info, and Side Effects

Active chemical substance: Oxymetholone

Brand names: Anapolon 50, Anadrol 50, Anadrolon 50, Anasteron, Androlic, Dynasten, Gemodenin, Oxymetholone, Oxytozone 50, Plenastril, Rinasteron.

The Anapolon 50 steroid is the strongest and at the same time the most effective steroid used in an oral way. This concoction has a very strong androgen action, which is two-ply with anabolic components (very pronounced). That’s why in a very short time, the force and the musculature are increased in an extreme way.

Often, there are cases when athletes gain weight up to 5-7 kg in only 14 days, while the water accumulation is rising and the muscle volume is increased; those effects lead to a massive look for people who use this steroid. Because the muscle cell attracts a big quantity of water, most bodybuilders acquire a sleek and even pasty musculature.

The Anapolon steroid doesn’t assure a qualitative increase of the muscles, but only a quantitative one, which is necessary for the season before competitions. The Anapolon steroid “it smear the wrists” because it has a water accumulation side effect, which is less important for the massive increase force and facilitates the training of athletes who are having wrists pain.

With a rigorous diet and with the utilization of Nolvadex and Proviron, the water accumulation can be diminished to a minimum, and gain a solid muscle increase.

With Anapolon’s help, the bodybuilder feels (while he trains) “the unbelievable pumping effect” in the active muscle groups. During training, inside the body, the blood volume has a considerable increase and this leads to the intensification of blood circulation inside the muscle tissues.

The Anapolon steroid increases the erythrocytes number in blood and after that, the muscles are refilled with more aminoacids. The muscle resistance and their efficiency are increased and after only a few series, the athlete has big stocks of force. Some bodybuilders talk about an exaggerated “pumping effect”, even aching, which helps them to train a muscle category after they finished the training for an anterior category, after a small number of series.

The strong androgenic action of Anapolon steroids concurs with fast recovery. Often, after intensive training, the athlete feels like he could have trained more hours. Even after 6 training sessions per week, the athlete can observe his progress.

Even if the Anapolon steroid isn’t a good steroid for competition training, it helps like no other steroid to maintain the musculature during the diet and assures intensive training. Some bodybuilders use this steroid before competitions, and the water retention in organisms is handled by antiestrogens, diuretics, and dietetic meals.

When it comes to doses the opinions are shared. The producer of Oxitozon 50 “Sintex Latino”, recommends a 1-5 mg dose for each 1 kg from athlete’s weight. This means that a bodybuilder who weighs 100 kg must take 10 pills daily. This thing is illusory: the information is exaggerated and they can provoke strong reactions. It is enough the dose of 1-2 mg a day for each 1 kg from athlete’s weight. This dose answers to 1-4 pills, that is 50-200 mg per day; there can’t be more than 4 pills.

A person who wants to use this steroid has to begin with only one pill of 50 mg a day. After a few days (more than a week), the daily dose can be tow-ply and it can be taken in the morning and in the evening, during the meals. The athletes who made progress or weigh more than 100 kg can use a dose of 150 mg a day starting with the 3rd week, but this dose doesn’t have to be maintained for more than 2-3 weeks.

It is recommended that the steroid shouldn’t be used for more than 6 weeks, because the receivers are quickly saturated.

When the Anapolon steroid treatment starts, often happen to appear a considerable increase in weight, which is suddenly interrupted. Here are 2 solutions: either increase the next dose, which has to be avoided because of a high risk caused by the side effects, or to use another steroid, which is recommended. An athlete who uses Anapolon for 5-6 weeks can gain 10 kg. This is a good result and a good reason for any athlete to stop using this steroid.

It is important that when you stop taking Anapolon, the treatment with steroids has to be prolonged with other concoctions, otherwise the sporter’s fettle will come back to the one he had before the treatment.

No other anabolic steroid can induce such a quick diminishing of force and muscle mass, like Anapolon 50 steroid.

A weightlifter mentioned: “If you urinate 3 times after you stop taking Anapolon, you will weigh 5 kg less”. That’s why the advanced athletes continue treatment a few weeks later, receiving injections of testosterone such as Sustanon-250 or Testosterone Enanthate. For force and muscle mass, the athletes combine Anapolon with Deca-Durabolin and/or with Testosterone.

The trainees prefer an effective combination that contains Anapolon steroid 100 mg a day, Parabolan steroids 152-228 mg a week, and Sustanon steroids 500 mg a week. This quantity builds considerable force and musculature like no other concoction but will bring nothing good for a bodybuilder who is a novice in taking steroids. Unfortunately, the Anapolon steroid is the most detrimental oral steroid because it generates different side effects.

Side effects of Anapolon 50 steroid

Because this steroid is 17-alfa alchylate, it is very toxic for the liver. Liver functions are out of hand and this thing is obvious from the start.

The first symptoms of the suffering liver are the pale-eyes and the pale-skin. Anapolon 50 is the only steroid that can provoke liver cancer. Oxymetholone is an active chemical substance that is easily transformed in estrogen; that’s why the aromatization apparitions and the water retaining in the body is often, and the athletes have to use anti-estrogens (Nolvadex and Proviron).

The massive water accumulation is unsafe for some bodybuilders because it can provoke a high arterial tension. In extreme cases, this fact leads sportsmen to use anti hypertonic (Clofelin). It is also possible to appear the acne and huge hair loss appear because the active chemical substance (part of it) can be transformed into dihydrotestosterone. Side effects like headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, somnolence, and diarrhea can also appear.

In distinction of Dianabol, the Anapolon 50 steroid could cause for the athlete a “general indisposition” state. Often, there is a paradoxical situation: on the one hand, the athlete becomes stronger and much more massive, on the other hand, he doesn’t feel good at all. Increased aggressiveness at a high level of androgen is developed much better when there are used big doses of Testosterone.

The Anapolon steroid isn’t right for older athletes because it can cause more side effects and the probability of liver or prostate affectation is bigger. The Anapolon steroid can provoke high cholesterol levels and an increased lipoprotein content (with a small density). Because the Anapolon influences the hypothalamus, the sexual hormone prominence is diminishing and the endogen testosterone production is very small. That’s why products that stimulate testosterone such as HCG and Clomid are necessary to maintain a normal level for the testicle hormones. Some of the athletes who start to use Anapoloncan observe that the sexual interest is increased, which is normalized after a few weeks.

Women will avoid the Anapolon’s utilization because it can provoke strong side effects and sometimes the masculinity (virility) apparition: the acne, the clitoris hypertrophy, the voice descent, the hair increase on the body and face, the inflated libido, the hair loss (on the scalp) and the aggressive behavior.

Anapolon is just very strong for the women organism. But some of the women participants at the competitions use this steroid and they obtain very good results on stage. Women who don’t want to give up to the incredible results of Anapolon 50, but who want to diminish as far as possible the androgen conditions, can start to take ½ pill (25 mg)/day, and combining it with a “weak” active injectable anabolic steroid such as Primobolan or Durabolinom.

The commercial denomination

  • Anadrol-50, 50 mg
  • Anadrolon-50, 50 mg
  • Anapolon-50, 50 mg
  • Anasteron, 50 mg
  • Androlic, 50 mg
  • Dinasten, 50 mg
  • Gemodenin, 50 mg
  • Oximetolon, 50 mg
  • Oxitozon-50, 50 mg
  • Plenastril 50 mg
  • Rinasteron 50 mg
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