6 Really Simple and Effective Ways to Lose Water Weight

Most people get disappointed when they see the extra weight on even after hard long exercises they do every day. Well, that could be water weight you have gained. Water weight keeps fluctuating in our body. As our body contains around 55% to 75% water and the rest is bones fats and muscles. Most people get frightened when they see and overnight extra pounds on their bodies.

Well to your satisfaction we must tell you that there is a lot of difference between water weight and the weight you gain by the accumulation of extra fats. Water weight as easy to lose as takes on, while fats take a longer time to deposit and demands a rigorous workout to shed.

Water weight is actually when your body starts retaining fluid in it. This happens due to several reasons. The pressure builds up in the capillaries, or when the capillaries start leaking water starts accumulating in the tissues and muscles. This also may happen when there is more than enough fluid in the lymphatic system. Well, water retention is not at all good for it makes look swelled up and bulky.

Before you set out to reduce your weight and get lean, you need to know beforehand whether the weight on you is water weight or fats which you are trying to lose. We would tell you some handy tips by which you can easily know what actually is on you;

Weigh yourself- check your scale every day. Water weight varies on the daily basis and if you have gained some or lost in just a day or so then it’s a clear sign that you are accumulating water.

Swollen ankles and wrists- fats deposition mostly occurs in the areas like biceps, torso, belly etc, while water is stored in capillaries and body cavities. In order to see the water retention, check your ankles and wrists, if they look bloated or puffy then you might be retaining water.

Check body fat percentage- you may check your body fat percentage in the gym and make a correct guess about the weight you are gaining is fat or water.

There are several reasons of water retention in the body; if you are not drinking enough water, or taking too much salt in your diet, or you love sugar, these all factors contribute majorly towards water retention in the body.

Here are 6 most effective and proven tips by which you can shed extra pounds of water weight;

1- Start sweating yourself

In order to shed water weight, you have got out of your comfort zone and start to exercise. Cardio for half an hour will be highly fruitful. These exercises improve metabolism and enhance blood circulation. The increased rate if metabolism will burn not only fats but those harmful toxins that cause liquid to retain.

Do not exceed an hour or half or this will increase cortisol level, which hinders weight loss water or fat both.

2- Refrain from table salt

Sodium is part of regular table salt. It’s a very well known to us that salt dissolves in water pretty easily. So if you consume more salt, the chances of water retention increase to a greater extent. In order to lose water weight refrain from dishes that are highly seasoned with sodium chloride. Do not abstain totally from the salt, all you need to do is limit its intake.

You need to limit intake of sodium to the recommended dosage of 2300 mg per day or less if it’s possible. And use pink Himalayan salt as contains less sodium and more iodine and other minerals.

3- Eat healthily

In order to lose weight it crucial that you maintain a proper diet plan. Incorporate more proteins and fiber in your diet to keep yourself healthy and light. Abstain from sugar it plays a vital role in water retention. Proteins and fiber help improve metabolism and cleanse digestive tract altogether.

4- Natural fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can be directly incorporated in our diet and are called diuretics. They are very helpful in reducing water retention in the body. You may have the fruit or vegetable of your own choice. Watermelon, black currant, and garlic have proved to be highly effective. You may also use apple, cider vinegar, green tea for the same purpose.

5- More water

Well, this might seem strange to you, in order lose water weight you have to drink plenty of water. Because if you will drink less water, your water will cling to each single water molecule to keep itself hydrated. So if you want to shed extra ugly water weight you have to keep you self-hydrated.

6- Shake off all the stress

In order to see effective weight loss, you’ve to reduce emotional stress and tensions. When you are stressed a hormone called cortisol is released which stores more fat and water. So the best way to lose weight you need to stay happy and tension free.

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