5 Practical Tips to Keep Gaining Muscle

While genetics play a big role in how much muscle you can gain, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have the best of them, it may take more effort and time but building a good physique is definitely achievable by using common sense and a little bit of strategy. Below are 5 tips that if used correctly can guide you into building the best physique possible.

Intense training

I personally make it to the gym at least 4 days a week and try to shoot for 5, sometimes my hectic work schedule prevents me from going as often as I like. On the days I go to the gym I make it a priority to remain focused on what I am going to train while making every set and repetition count. I train with heavy weight while using short rest periods between sets, muscle only grows under pressure, intensity and when it’s completely shocked.

This does not mean going in and stupidly lifting heavy weight with no form, lift as heavy as you can but maintain proper form. I try to keep my reps between the 6-8-rep range and 4 -5 sets per exercise to achieve complete muscle failure.

Change your training routine periodically

I’m sure many are happy with what they achieved after going to the gym for several months or even years, if you are not growing any more change up your routine, in fact I think everyone should change up their routine a minimum of every 3 months, the body can quickly adapt, maybe this means more reps, different exercises or taking your existing training routine and completely reversing it, for muscles to grow they need change.


Rest is very important and some of us just cant stay away from the gym, but as mentioned above, our body can easily adapt and sometimes it’s not a bad thing to take a week or two off from strength training, this does not mean that you have to quit exercising, but taking a couple of weeks off will help. Instead of weight training maybe focus on cardio for a week or two, sure, you may feel a little weak after your return but strength gains come back rapidly and in most cases giving your muscles a short holiday can help you come back stronger than before.

Change up your diet

Just like exercise, diet is very important, but eating clean every single day gets boring after a while, there are some that don’t mind, but changing what you eat every few days will help you get to know more about your body and how it reacts to certain foods. Some days you might want to eat more meat and reduce your carbohydrate intake while others you may want to do the total opposite, it can be fun especially if you are in tune with your body as it will create a very special connection that will have a direct effect on your training, energy levels and endurance.

Consider taking a supplement

I have had significant muscle gains over the course of the years and I attribute some of that to some of the supplements I have taken, there are times when that hot weather, stress, or lack of energy have put a damper on my training, in the past, most supplements did very little to increase energy but now there are some great products also known as legal steroids that can have a significant impact on how we perform in the gym.

Legal steroids mimic the effect of anabolic steroids, this can have a significant impact on gaining muscle and increasing strength, they can also be very effective for bodybuilders looking for a safe and natural way to improve their physique during bulking or cutting cycles.


I’m not going to say it’s easy to gain muscle, but I have learned that changing up just a few things you do every few months can have a great impact on how much muscle you can gain, just be consistent and before your know those gains will have crept up on you.

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