Women on Steroids: Sex Workers

There had been reports that sex workers in Bangladesh uses steroids. These women on steroids don’t even know what the drug is for and what it can do to them and most of all, how the drug can damage them. It seems that these women on steroids are truly not educated about the side effects of steroids.

Some of the women on steroids are using tablets and others in syringes. What they know is that when these sex workers in Bangladesh use steroids, they don’t have to take pills all the time. From what they believe in is that the drug can make them healthy and more beautiful physique.

There are a lot of prostitues in an area whom these women on steroids are not aware of what the drug can do. What alarms the nation’s people is not the AIDS but the addiction of oradexone. The oradexone is a steroid used for chronic inflammation, allergies, and to fatten up cattle.

What makes it worse is that it is given to many underage girls for them to look a little older. The clients prefer a plumper woman that is why some others take it. It is said that about 90 percent of the female escorts are using steroids. Some of the women on steroids are from 15 to 30 years old and these women do not know if taking steroids for a long term use has a very dangerous side effects. Some of the side effects that are commonly known are glaucoma, osteoporosis, as well as heart failure.

The steroids are very easy to get in the local shops, and very cheap, very cheap. A person could get it for less than a dollar, and that can get them 10 tablets already. The main problem with this is that customers and shop owners are not well too educated on this kind of drug. They are not aware that this form of drugs has to have prescription in order to take these.

However, there are some women on steroids who happen to know recently about the side effects of the drug, some women have stopped but have withdrawal symptoms. The rampant addiction of the women on steroids is something that the government should not neglect.

This kind of problem will only lead the country to more poverty and isolation. Remember that using steroids is fine but should a person be using the drug, that person should be properly educated and know what dangers that could come to them.

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