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I can’t believe I’m writing this. I can’t believe I’ve lowered myself to the level of doing an article about Zyzz steroids. But truth be told we receive a large amount of posts on the forum, emails etc. about this guy. I don’t know why, either. His body is nothing “impressive.” Yes, it is better than the average guys and he got down to a decent body fat level around 6-7%, but his muscle mass isn’t great, nor is his strength. Plenty of guys on the forum here are much bigger or better looking overall than he is.

I know he’s become some kind of “internet celebrity” with screaming out things such as “I’m the Zyzz and I’m awesome!!!!” But jokes aside, the guy is an arrogant small little minded man. I find him funny and can see his enjoyment out of his 15 minutes of fame he’s found for himself online.

One of my problems was when he bragged about the steroids he was on “I use testosterone, deca, tren, dianabol, winstrol, masteron!!” I have no problem with someone being honest about it. In fact, it’s a breath of fresh air! What I do, however, have a problem with is someone abusing steroids.

Remember before when we spoke about how we’d like to see steroids made legal one day for guys over the age of 21? Unfortunately giving bad advice or using anabolic steroids in ridiculously high dosages to cover up a terrible diet and training regime tends to lead to serious injury which is then held against those of us who actually have a clue on what we are doing!

With lines such as “Fuck a pre workout meal, this is how you get pumped before listening to some of the worst and most homo erotic music known to man!” in his car is a common line and phrase by this guy. While his two male cheer leaders dance back and forth in what can only be assumed as some kind of ritual they perform before all having intercourse.

Anyway moving on, the guy isn’t that strong, he doesn’t lift that much weight, he isn’t that big.

He has a good body. To be fair it’s better than the average guys of course, better than 80% of the population, but I believe ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who is serious about their training can over take him with ease.

Unfortunately, as many of you probably know Zyzz passed away a few years back due to a heart attack. Some believed this was due to his use of anabolic steroids, which is quite funny as he was known to have taken numerous other party drugs, and even claimed to have 50 SHOTS in one day before but obviously they didn’t “stress out his body” Yes. I am rolling my eyes.

But aside from that one of the biggest shocks of all this was he actually had a heart defect that he was born with and was only expected to live at the most till the age of 25 so his steroid and drug use did NOT in any way cause and or effect his death.

While I’ve been quite hard on Zyzz I do have some respect for him. He did generate a lot of interest in bodybuilding and training, even if it wasn’t in the most healthiest of ways.

I assume he was bullied and had a lot of emotional problems as a child. He’d commonly speak about how skinny he was and obviously this lead to him training and gaining a mass amount of weight. Part of me wishes I could have done an interview with him on this website, however that’s not going to happen now obviously.

What did he use?

Anabolic steroids such as testosterone, deca, clen, tren, winstrol, anavar were main staples of his anabolic steroid usage.

He also lifted heavy 5 to 6 times per week and was never a slouch in his training, he hit 2 muscle groups per week and focused on heavy compound lifts.

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