What is Androstenedione And Its Function

Androstenedione is a prohormone that is directly derived from a hormone known as testosterone. It is one of the first hormones to be introduced in the sporting world as part of nutrition to enhance performance. The hormone is also naturally found in men and women. It also occurs in certain plants such as Scotch pine trees. It is for these reasons that it is considered or classified as a dietary supplement.

There were and are various isomers of androstenedione called androstene’s which have similar function in the body and may act like androstenedione with different effects.

androstenedione is known to have numerous effects on the body. When used together with healthy and natural foods, one is able to realize powerful effects while developing and building muscles as well as athletic performance. It is for this reason that it is a popular supplement with body builders as well as athletes.

andro was very popular before it was taken off the market in 2005.

It is good to note that androstenedione by itself does not bring about the said changes in the body. It first undergoes a series of changes where it is converted by the liver and other tissues into testosterone. It can then be used in the body to bring about such changes.

The androstenedione hormone can be taken orally which is said to be one the ways that allows it to have the most effects. Studies have shown that consuming it in this way can lead to over a hundred percent increase in testosterone produced in the body. The study involved German athletes who had taken 50 mg of the hormone and did show an increase in testosterone.

An increased production of testosterone brings about increased performance in sports or exercises. It can also influence how muscles develop and build in the body. It also said to boost libido.

There are people who can benefit significantly by taking the supplement. If you engage in heavy or rigorous sports or athletics then a boost in how testosterone is the body can help to boost performance and other qualities such as endurance and resistance. Body builders may also benefit by taking the hormone as it helps in building and developing lean and bigger muscles.

There are a few things that one should observe when taking the supplement. Of importance is how much dosage one should take as it is found in different quantities. Depending on what you want to achieve, it is important to consult with a health practitioner so as to get the most out of what the hormone has to offer.

If you are considering taking the hormone, there are some things you can consider finding out from you care giver so as to get effective results. This include knowing which dosage can be a good match for your current state of the body, dietary needs as well as the amount of physical routine you engage in. Common doses are found between 50 and 600 mg depending on the person taking it and the type of andro hormone.

There are few practices that can enhance how the hormone works in the body. Taking a dose in the morning allows the supplement to work well in providing the desired effects. If you are working out, taking the hormone an hour before getting started allows you to enjoy a quality and effective session.

You can also take it with cofactors that help increase the conversion to testosterone and potentially limit the side effects of andro. These block things like estrogen and other unwanted hormones from being produced from androstenedione.

It is also advisable to cycle androstenedione, as it contributes to how well it works in the body. Find out from your care giver how you can go about this as well. A cycle can last up to six weeks and followed by a two weeks off the hormone. This also works well in enhancing most of the effects provided by the supplement in the body.

As one uses the hormone, is it not uncommon to experience some side effects. This can happen if it is the first time someone is taking the hormone. Common side effects include experiencing acne on certain parts of the body, a drop in good cholesterol or HDL, lower voice, and growth of facial hair. Ladies might experience some effects that occur in men such as developing a deeper voice, acne and growth of facial hair.

It’s best for women to not take an andro supplement since it can make permanent changes to the body of a female.

It is advisable to seek medical counsel before using any kinds of supplements as it allows you to get good results that you are sure to enjoy for a long time. There are situations that might not work out well when if one takes the hormone. If you are diabetic or have been diagnosed with heart problems, then make sure to consult with your doctor first before using the supplement.

Be sure to use the drug as recommended by manufacturers too. Taking a high dose might give you negative results while using a low dose is sure not to give you the desired effects. androstenedione works best if used according to the given instructions.

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