Weight Loss Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Garcinia Cambogia and its reported contributions to weight loss. But like any other supplement (even the most effective ones), many people are still wary about using it, and the first thing that probably comes to mind is – does Garcinia Cambogia have any side effects? After all, it would be too good to be true to attain all that weight loss without experiencing any negative effects, right?

The truth is, anything you take in your body to help you lose weight will cause a reaction that you’re probably not expecting. You’re helping your body get rid of the fat. This is normal and should be expected. The important thing is to be completely aware of whatever it is you’re taking into your system, as well as the possible interactions it might have with your organs, any pre-existing condition, and even with the medications that you’re currently taking.

HCA’s Natural Side Effects

Since Garcinia Cambogia is a tamarind fruit, it’s actually a very natural supplement. The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that in the studies conducted, there have been no reported increased mortality or significant toxicity among people taking the supplement or eating the fruit for that matter. In fact, even in the human subjects, there were no reported side effects or adverse events.

This means that Garcinia Cambogia is considered quite safe. In rare cases, some people who have tried it have reported some minor discomfort in their digestive tract, little nausea, as well as headaches. However, for those with high-risk conditions like those who are pregnant or lactating, there’s a lack of clinical data on the use of HCA during these periods so it’s best to just avoid it altogether.


Aside from side effects, it’s also important to consider how HCA (Garcinia Cambogia’s main component) could possibly interact with any medication that you’re currently taking or medical conditions that you have. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Iron – It’s important to note that Garcinia Cambogia contains iron, so if you’re already taking iron for anemia or other similar conditions, it may add to the iron content and the effects could possibly be adverse.
  • Diabetes – If your blood sugar levels are erratic because you’re diabetic and you need to take insulin, you just have to note that Garcinia Cambogia could possibly lower your blood sugar levels and this might interfere with your medication.
  • Serotonin – In a study conducted on female mice, researchers found that there could be a potential serotonergic effect with the use of HCA. So for those patients who are taking pain medications, or other such treatments for psychiatric conditions, extra caution should be practiced.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t just take Garcinia Cambogia (or any other supplement for that matter) blindly, and should always be aware of its possible effects on your body before deciding to take it. It’s important to be armed with the right information so that you can reduce, and even completely avoid any significant side effects from diet supplements like Garcinia Cambogia.

Some of the best Garcinia Cambogia pills that are immensely popular and have been getting excellent user reviews include Garcinia Cambogia Extra and Garcinia Pure. These pills are a massive hit within the weight loss community and people have been reporting excellent weight loss results without any side effects.

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