Trenbolone Results and Side-effects

Generally, anabolic and androgenic drugs are very strong in nature and action (except for a few ones). But when it comes to the strongest out of these strong drugs, trenbolone is the name that comes out. Sold under the trade name of Parabolan and Finaplix H, it is the most powerful anabolic drug available in market. Due to its extremely strong nature and action, it has never been approved by the Food And Drug Association of the United States for human consumption. Thus, use of this drug by humans is a violation of the Federal Law in the United States.

This drug has remarkable androgenicity. The binding ability of trenbolone to the receptors is five times as that of testosterone. Originally developed as finaplex pellets, it was used as veterinary product for the treatment of cattle. It is classified as a schedule 3 drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Robust effects of the drug

The reason behind the popularity of this drug is the numerous benefits that this drug gives to its consumers. Since this drug is the strongest from the family of anabolic drugs, it gives immediate results.

Here is a list of the benefits that this drug may give to its consumers:

  • Production of IGF 1: consumption of this drug may lead to an increase in the natural production of IGF 1, and this production may even be higher than that by testosterone.
  • Growth and fat- loss: as mentioned earlier, the ability of this drug to bind to the receptors is even higher than that of testosterone. And because of this ability, it promotes growth and the fat burning process in the body of its consumers. In fact, trenbolone is amongst those rare steroids that boost direct fat- burning processes in the body.
  • Feed efficiency: trenbolone is known for increasing the nutrient efficiency of cattle, which is also called as feed efficiency.
  • Nitrogen retention: trenbolone is known well for boosting the process of nitrogen retention in the muscles of its consumers’ body.
  • Boosts RBC count: this drug increases the count of red blood cells in the body of its consumer.
  • Mass: trenbolone leads to an increase in body mass.
  • Performance enhancing effects: due to its mass increasing and red blood cell count boosting abilities (which are primarily required to enhance performance), trenbolone proves to be extremely beneficial in enhancing performance.
  • Mineral absorption: trenbolone is known for its ability to increase mineral absorption in cattle.
  • Improves protein synthesis: trenbolone, due to its strong binding affinity to receptors, has brilliant abilities to improve protein synthesis in the body, which is why it is immensely popular amongst body- builders (however, its consumption by them is illegal).
  • Improves cellular repair: trenbolone can fasten the process of cellular repair by multiple folds (as high as ten times), since, repair is the key to growth; This drug has remarkable effects in improving the growth rate.
  • Stacking: combination of this drug with other drugs like dianabol or anadrol leads to strong synergistic effects.

Stronger the drug, stronger the side effects

With great potency, come great side effects. With so many benefits, come the numerous side effects of this steroid. Strong steroids like trenbolone need to be taken in highly controlled amounts, else the side effects can be hazardous.

Here is a list of the side – effects of this steroid (that may make you believe why it is banned for human consumption):

  • Skin and hair related problems: hair loss, skin acne, rashes, and growth of facial hair etc some side- effects that androl may leave on your skin and hair. However, these are temporary effects and may reverse when the drug consumption is ceased.
  • Effect on cholesterol levels: It increases the levels of LDL cholesterol ( the bad cholesterol ) and decreases the levels of HDL ( the good cholesterol ). If you already have mismanaged cholesterol levels, try avoiding this drug. So, in case you are on a dose of this drug, keep a check on your cholesterol levels.
  • High blood pressure: high blood pressure, as caused by every anabolic steroid, is another side- effect of this anabolic steroid as well. Thus, get your blood pressure timely checked while on a dose of this drug.
  • Gynecomastia : one might think that since trenbolone does not aromatize, there would not be a threat of gynecomastia from this drug. But, the fact is that due to its strong action, it does pose a threat of gynecomastia to its consumer. In fact, it can even lead to a worse case of gynecomastia than that caused by other anabolic drugs that aromatize.
  • Anxiety : It may cause your heart to beat faster which can induce the condition of anxiety and sleeplessness.
  • Sleeping disorders: sleeping troubles like insomnia, anxiety, night sweats, snoring, or excitation are the primary side- effects that occur in the people on a dosage of this drug.
  • Coughing spells: coughing spells and difficulty in breathing such as short breath may also occur after taking a dose of this drug.
  • Kidney toxication: consumption of this drug may toxicate the kidneys of its consumers (however, no such case has been reported yet). It also leads to production of dark coloured urine.
  • Effects in females: this drug causes virilisation problems in females even when taken in small amounts. Hence, it must not be consumed by women at all. deepening or hoarsening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, and irregular menstrual cycles are some of the other the side- effects that might occur in females consuming this drug.
  • Appetite: consumption of this drug reduces appetite which can lead to weakness and weight loss.
  • It may also cause paranoia.
  • It causes an increase in body temperature which may lead to night sweats as well.

Managing side effects

Trenbolone must not be taken in high doses, even consumption in small amounts can have serious outcomes. Also, remember using a banned drug is a risk in itself. Consult your physician if any of the side- effects persist.

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