Tiger Woods Steroids

I really looked forward to doing this article. When I saw the questions popping up about Tiger woods in the forum I instantly assumed it was going to be some new sex scandal or some other joke about his sex life.

However a lot of individuals were questioning if this guy uses anabolic steroids. Surely not a golf player? Have I actually helped to open people’s eyes to the use of steroids in sports and every day life or is it just some kind of weird coincidence. I had a lot, and I mean a lot of messages and requests for me to do an article on Tiger Woods and Steroids.

Therefore you have this article, Tiger Woods Steroids.

First off we need to see if it’s possible that he may use anabolic steroids. If he does use them, why would he use them? What kind would he use? Etc.

First off, there is a lot of reasons why he would use steroids to improve his performance. It’s also important to remember that despite golf not being as “Physically” demanding as Boxing, American football, soccer, or numerous other sports out there, these guys do vigorous workout routines up to 6 times per week to increase core strength to increase performance to the levels required.

For example, Tiger Woods’ training will focus on heavy compound movements that transfer over to his sport. Movements such as kettle bell swings, not only in the traditional between the legs over head manner, but side swings would also be incorporated. For example:

15 reps traditional kettle bell swings between the legs to over head.

Now 15 swings to the left hand side would be done followed quickly by 15 swings to the right hand side.

The plank would be a main stay of his routine to increase stomach endurance while traditional sit ups would not be as “important.” Remember it’s not about building bulk and muscle simply about increasing his performance.

Instead of the overhead press, he will focus on the push press as it is a far more explosive movement and can transfer over to his sport better.

Exercises such as the Clean and jerk would also be incorporated as would the power clean and the snatch.

Tiger Woods’ former doctor pleads guilty to steroids charges.

Oh Boy! When this news broke I remember all the over dramatic reactions! “Oh My God!!! Could Tiger Woods be on steroids, noooo!!! He’s a cheat he’s a…”

And I’d just slap my hand into my head as hard as possible.

Look, do you play golf? “Yes,” he’d say are you any good? “Not really.” Do you want to see guys as good as Tiger Wood if not better? Yes. Then don’t complain when they take stuff to get to this level.

Yes, Tiger Woods probably does use steroids, in fact I’m personally sure he will. But who cares? If we don’t mind bodybuilders using it or anyone else, why does it matter if he does? What made me laugh was when a friend of mine tried saying “Well I knew a guy who used steroids so he could win a race he didn’t win he came third, but he took it just for the experience.” what…? What!? Talk about double standards? If he won it’d be wrong, but if he just competes it’s fine!

Here’s what the “experts” said after his doctor was arrested

Mike Bianchi wrote in his May 12 column, that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel, “Anybody else wondering if Tiger’s prolonged winless streak is due more to the fact that his old swing coach has been fired or the fact that his old blood doctor has been indicted?”

Bianchi appeared on the Dan Patrick Show and furthered his accusations. Bianchi offered all circumstantial evidence in his accusations but never came right out and said Woods has taken steroids. Bianchi focused on Woods’ relationship with Dr. Anthony Galea, the man who used a blood spinning procedure on Woods several years ago.

What makes me laugh the most and shows exactly what kind of a moron Mike Bianchi is. (A huge one in case you are wondering) is he honestly this unintelligent and thick to not believe that he could A not get another doctor to prescribe them with the amount of money he has? Or B. Buy them off a website like ours online…?

Overall what steroids will Tiger Woods probably use?

Anabolic steroids such as testosterone, and human growth hormone are most likely the two he is/was using. It would allow him to increase his performance and to of course recover quicker.

And this also explains his ridiculously high sex drive doesn’t it? (Sorry had to make at least one joke during this article)

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this article titled Tiger Woods Steroids

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