The Truth About Eggs

The Truth About Eggs! Yes, eggs. I mean the ones you eat, not those on your little girlfriends ches… I mean eggs that you scramble, boil, fry, etc. Lovely, edible eggs.

One thing I’ve never understood is why so many people have such a bad opinion on eggs? Eggs are one of the best foods on earth, the closest thing to a super food out there, I’d go as far as saying.

Eggs are one of my main protein sources. I love eggs. I love the white, the yolk, the shell, the carton, everything. Though I only eat the yolk and white, I would sometimes think about eating the rest too! But jokes aside, what is it about eggs? Well the calories are great, especially if you are bulking! Add in the fact that if you buy eggs rich in omega 3, not only are you getting GREAT fats for yourself, you are also eating extremely healthy! The protein is digested extremely well from eggs and the fats are brilliant. Eggs can be used as an excellent bulking tool, or in moderation they can also be a fantastic cutting tool!

But they’re full of cholesterol, isn’t that bad for you?

Well, that certainly was the conventional wisdom, but since when was conventional wisdom always correct? Practically never. Over at, they wrote an article called “The Truth About Eggs”, and it perfectly explains the truth (or lack or truth) about cholesterol. Here’s a segment:

First, one has to understand that cholesterol is not necessarily bad. Humans need it to maintain cell walls, insulate nerve fibers and produced vitamin D, among other things. Second, there are two types of cholesterol: dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol . Both are important.

What is bad, however, is the amount of LDL blood cholesterol in the body. Too much of it can cause heart problems, but scientists are now discovering that consuming food rich in dietary cholesterol does not increase blood cholesterol. At least that is what some experts believe (they are somewhat disagreeing on the matter… as usual).

Evidence showing that eating a lot of dietary cholesterol doesn’t increase blood cholesterol was discovered during a statistical analysis conducted over 25 years by Dr. Wanda Howell and colleagues at the University of Arizona. The study revealed that people who consume two eggs each day with low-fat diets do not show signs of increased blood cholesterol levels.

So there you have it, conventional wisdom, busted. Not quite, but obviously we shouldn’t believe everything we’re told.

So, what’s in an egg? Just Fat and Protein? I used to think that. But you get a pretty big bang for your buck when you put down a dollar for a dozen.

Here’s what you’re buying:


A: good for the skin and growth.
D: strengthens bones by raising calcium absorption.
E: protects cells from oxidation.
B1: helps properly release energy from carbohydrates.
B2: helps release energy from protein and fat.
B6: promotes the metabolism of protein.
B12: an essential vitamin in the formation of nerve fibers and blood cells.


Iron: essential in the creation of red blood cells.
Zinc: good for enzyme stability and essential in sexual maturation.
Calcium: most important mineral in the strengthening of bones and teeth.
Iodine: controls thyroid hormones.
Selenium: like vitamin E, it protects cells from oxidation.

What’s also true is that eggs contain the purest form of protein in whole-foods. Sure your 100 dollar tub of super protein may be better, but nothing’s going to be better than eggs if you want to go au natural.

That’s a pretty damn good deal for a dollar per dozen.

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear it!

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