Should I Build Muscle or Lose Fat First?

This is a common question: should I build muscle or lose fat first?

When you’re posing this question, then there’s one sure assumption I could make about you. You presently possess body fat you wish to lose AND muscle mass you wish to gain.

The secret to doing a “wise” bulk and ending up with something great to display for it in the end is to stay clear of getting unwanted body fat while at the same time you build muscle mass.

Your diet regimen as well as weightlifting program are the main variables in maximizing this muscle mass: fat gain ratio. However, there’s in fact another thing in your control which takes a major role in this field: your current body fat percentage.


Considering the fatter you are and the higher your body fat percentage has, the worse your calorie partitioning has and the most likely your body is to begin keeping unwanted calories as body fat in place of muscle mass.

Furthermore, the fatter you are once you begin to bulk, the fatter you’re heading to be when you end up it. In addition to merely offering yourself a much longer “clean up” work to carry out once you eventually cut, doing this also implies you’re going to invest a good amount of time throughout the year unjustifiably seeming like crap.

For these particular reasons, kicking off a bulk while in an already-fat condition is simply a formula for disaster.

Rather, the best initiating point when it comes to a muscle building stage is if you are at least somewhat lean. Just how lean exactly? Well, you do not have to be extremely ripped by having an 8 pack or anything similar to that. However, to a particular point, the leaner the better.

  • For men, this normally means 10-13% body fat (or less)
  • For women, 19-23% body fat (or less)

Kicking off higher than that could do the job obviously, it’s simply probably going to yield sub-optimal outcomes.

But Nobody Knows Their Body Fat Percentage

Nevertheless, due to the fact that the majority of people have no idea what their body fat levels really are and the common approaches for finding it usually suck, the ordinary person will not truly know for certain in case they are indeed at this “at least somewhat lean” position.

Therefore, below is my advice.

Take off some clothes and look in the mirror. Or, get some photos. Do you appear like somebody whose #1 objective at the moment would be getting rid of body fat or building muscle mass?

Rely on your finest objective view right here. Would you think of yourself “at least somewhat lean” and all set to begin developing certain muscle mass, or would you think of yourself in excessive of an already fat condition to develop a caloric surplus and then get the small amount of body fat which will usually go along with even the smartest of smart bulks?

At that point, get your answer below.

  1. I’m In An Already Fat Condition

When you do in fact think of yourself for being in excessively of an already fat condition, then the best thing you may do now is cut first and then get rid of that excess fat .

As soon as you’ve gotten rid of sufficient fat and get to “at least somewhat lean” position, that’s at the time you must begin a comprehensive muscle building “bulk” stage and develop the caloric surplus you have to build that new muscle mass. Your outcomes will be WAY better in this manner, believe me.

That does not mean you must hold off on working out up until you achieve that point of leanness. You must absolutely still weight workout the whole time. It will definitely aid a little bit with the weight loss, as well as more importantly, it’s the ONLY WAY you are going to sustain the muscle mass and stamina you presently possess.

  1. I’m At Least Somewhat Lean

In this particular situation, whereas bulking may be the apparent option, you could practically begin with whatever stage you prefer based on what’s essential to you right now.

For instance, you may wish to develop even more muscle mass . That may be your #1 long-term objective. However, in case you get certain good rationale or choice in the short-term when it comes to obtaining even leaner in comparison to you presently are, thus go for it and then begin to bulk right after that.

However, in case you’re lean enough to begin bulking and all you truly care about is simply developing more muscle mass already, thus let the bulk kick off.

You could pay attention to obtaining added lean eventually whenever you in fact possess a few muscle mass to reveal.

Start Right, Do It Wisely, Switch, and Repeat

Thus, here’s exactly how it works. Take your present body fat percentage to aid you decide on in case you must bulk or cut first.

Whatever it is, ensure your diet plan and workout session are made as smartly as possible thus you do not acquire excessive body fat when you bulk, and you do not drop any muscle mass when you cut. This particular step is crucial.

Next, shortly after you’ve invested sufficient time, effort and consistency to get progress for being earned, switch on over to the other stage and then do the same.

Depending upon precisely what your objectives are and exactly how much muscle mass you wish to build and how much body fat you want/need to get rid of, you may repeat this particular procedure as many times as needed.


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