Safest Steroid – Why This Question Comes Up

When Dr. Zieglar spoke about his regrets in creating anabolic steroids, it was because his York Barbell Club buddies, despite his recommended use of small doses, continued to use them excessively. The doctor later severed ties with his gym buddies after frustrated attempt at mellowing them down even after abnormal changes in their prostates and testes.

Nothing good can come out of any excesses when using any kind of drugs, be it regulated or not. Our body can only take and tolerate as much. Although our bodily system has its own way of healing itself, when taken beyond its limits, it will eventually reach its breaking point. And when it is not functioning at its best, there are select possibilities that can help ease the process of our bodies to heal itself back.

The safest way to use steroids is when it is in the proper dose, in the proper hands, and at a proper time. At this point, it will also be safe to say that everyone agrees that steroids when used for its medicinal value and dispensed by a doctor’s prescription is safe. The geeks at also stand by this: “There are safe steroids when they are used properly and by people who are trained and knowledgeable in their proper dosage. Many steroids are used by doctors and specialists to treat a wide range of health conditions.”

The burning question then is not about the safest way to use steroids that fall under legal usage, but the illegal ones, and the most commonly used at that, the anabolic steroids. There seemingly long-standing raging debate both in the medical and sports field about accepting and legalizing the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), like steroids, in sports has not wavered a bit.

With more and more organizations diving into the fray wanting to have a say on these drugs, the production of PEDs remain under the masked supervision of a few. They are the willing risk takers who embraces that the benefits far outweigh the detrimental effects. The other few are the those who safeguard our overall well-being

Each of us have preferences. If an athlete chose to bear the possible side effects of the drug with the promise that it will give him the endurance that he needed, while another athlete relied on a totally different regimen to experience the same, is there any defined difference between the two?

Or is there a moral backdrop playing in the field when using steroids? Does it really taint the sport? Are the athletes who use these PEDs and steroids are primarily taking them so they have the better advantage, and thus are called cheaters?

If I were an athlete an still want to use steroids to further condition my body, boost my confidence and esteem, am I still considered a cheat? Isn’t a competition inherently unequal because the athletes basically get different trainings and trainers, different nutrition, and come in varied genetic pool?

As a last note, asking about what steroid is safe to use, or what is the safest steroids in the market is a bait. In my opinion, steroids, and any other performance-enhancing drugs, is only as good as its user, or can be as evil as its abuser.

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