Frank McGrath Steroids

Again, another professional bodybuilder being accused of steroids. It always makes me laugh because, let’s be honest, we all know all PROFESSIONAL bodybuilders are on anabolic steroids. Some of these guys have come out and admitted to spending up to 250 thousand USD on anabolic steroids, what does this tell you?

These guys often get labelled as “genetic freaks” or even use that as there reason behind why they are so big. Yet scientists have proven even the most genetically gifted individual will not add more than 11-12lbs of mass per year as a general rule of thumb.

When you take this into consideration Anabolic steroid use is made even more obvious. While the general public or someone who does not lift often/seriously will debate the questions.

I always find it stupid when a guy who is huge himself competes as a Power lifter or Olympic lifter for example and begins to question if this or that guy is on steroids.

When we are involved in training on a daily basis busting our ass, eating calories, hell, even using anabolic steroids, it’s highly unlikely a guy who is doing all the others but isn’t assisted is going to overtake us.

When I was 13 I was asked to represent my country in the junior Olympics. I was then told to expect to use anabolic steroids if I wished one day to compete “properly” I.e. in the real thing.

This kept going on and on until I was turning 17, I admitted to the governing body who was suggesting this to me that I felt too young and I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? It was explained to me even though I was a national champion. They could get someone else just below me “Pump him full of steroids” (their words not mine) and he’d over take me, I exploded and left. I never competed in Olympic lifting again. I realized the joke it was, and it opened my eyes up to MMA and other sports. IE the drug use in there.

Now, as everyone knows I believe steroids should be legal in sport and accepted. My only problem is I believe you should be over the age of 21.

Kids shouldn’t be worrying or feeling forced to take anabolic steroids. We should be helping them develop into the best athletes and individuals they can be.


Frank McGrath steroids

Frank is one of the hardest training athletes in the world today. He lifts heavy, he lifts often, and he actually TAKES time off from anabolic steroids which is a rarity in today’s society. Usually pro bodybuilders still on all year but not frank.

He also sticks to heavy compound lifts; he loves dead lifting, squats, bench press, and overhead press.
And of course the wide grip pull-ups.

To be honest a routine like this, you can’t do anything but GROW as long as you eat well. Frank McGrath steroids might be asked often and it’s acceptable, but something we need to do is accept the hard work, the effort, and the amount of work these guys put in.

Steroids might be a powerful tool, but they are simply that – a tool.

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