How To Get a Hot and Sexy Bikini Ready Body

This blog post is made for the female who wants to be tough, self-confident, and effervescent. Not shallow, timid, and frail. Baring that in mind, what you are about to read is going to change your LIFE.

Want to look good this summer? Wait… Let me say that differently– Want to look stunning this summer? Want to be the lass all the men stare at, and slobber over at the seaside? The queen of the scene that all of the other women point at and whisper to each other things like, “If only I had a butt and legs like hers” or, “I just wish my abs were as toned as hers. They are rock hard!” Or would you rather carry on going to get-togethers and watching your friends hook up with dudes, while you are left sipping on a Martini, wallowing in self despair?

Does this sound like you? Possibly you’re the girl who stares at other lasses and says “If only my butt were like hers… I just wish I could drop 10 pounds…”

Well, I’m going to tell you how you’ll be able to do that, and the greatest part? The info is totally free. Continue reading to find out how you can get a flawless bikini body. Summertime is on its way, and what better time is there to start than now?

There’ll be no more looking tubby. No more feeling fat. No more crying in front of the mirror for hours on end, and changing clothes to hide your “rolls.” No more getting down on yourself or being looked down on. Now is time for a change.

Let’s begin with the basics—I will give you a routine and supplements that are essential during this. The supplements are inexpensive, but very effective. One can easily lose 25/30lbs on this, possibly more.

This routine is designed for three types of women – For a girl who has just begun training, one who is in “acceptable shape” (By this I mean: You work out at the gym, but your body is not where you would like it to be. [Or else why would you be reading this?]) Or, you haven’t ever done any training at all. For more advanced training females wanting to bodybuild and get to the very low 4/5 digits of fat, I recommend heading this way: Strong Women

To start with, you need copious amounts of water. This is essential. During this session you will need to keep water next to you at all times. If you are a novice, or even think you have a bit of experience, you will be surprised at how fast this will speed up your heart rate.

Now before you get nervous, do you want to hear what the greatest part about this routine is? Anybody can do it! That’s right! It allows you to train at your own level.

Though, I can tell you this! By the conclusion of it, you will be doing a routine you would of originally said was impossible for you to do before. Don’t be shocked to see yourself doing 300/400 push-ups. Can’t do one now? So what? The end results are all that matters. The routine, particularly in the beginning, doesn’t take very long at all. So, no matter how busy you are, you don’t have an excuse for not doing it.

Okay, what else is needed? Willpower, determination, and defined goals. You will also need to purchase some Clen. Clen is not an Anabolic Steroid. It was originally used for asthma, but can be used to lose fat and give added energy. It’s not unusual to lose 8 to 10lbs with Clen in the first week.

The routine will appear basic in the beginning, but by week 5, not only will you have shed a incredible amount of fat, you will look and feel better about yourself and your appearance..

And better so, you will lose fat without getting loose skin! Yep. You heard right! Lose fat without loose skin is what every woman wants, and that’s what you’ll get. Clen is great for tightening the skin, so don’t worry about any loose skin, no matter how much you lose.

Just, please, make sure you stick to this routine to a T.

You will begin the routine by doing a 5 minute combination

5 Push-ups
5 Squats
5 Sit-ups
5 Star Jumps/Jumping Jacks

DON’T rearrange or change the order that this combo is done in. There is a reason for it. Why can’t you do pushups, situps, then squats, and star jumps, for instance? Because, it takes out you having to stand up and sit back down. Now, in 5 minutes that may only affect 20 calories. However, by the time you’ve advanced, it can easily effect up to 400/500. Just don’t muddle with it.

You will do the exercises stated for a total of 5 minutes. You will need a timer.

Hit the timer and begin the exercises. After 5 push-ups, get straight up, as fast as possible, into 5 body weight squats. Do them DEEP. This is also a key to building muscle and burning that fat! Then, you’ll go straight into 5 situps. Then, with no break, you will go straight into 5 star jumps. Following this, repeat all over again, beginning with the 5 push-ups all the way through.

When the timer ends and your 5 minutes are up, complete the set you are on. (Example: If you are on 3 reps of squats you do the last 2 and you’re done.)

Also, it is very vital to make sure you take the Clen 30 minutes prior to doing this routine. It will give you greater fat loss and also more pep and energy to get you through your session.
How to progress? The following day you’ll do 5 minutes and 30 seconds. The day afterwards, you do 6 minutes. Each day, you will progress by 30 seconds. This lets you continuously improve and lose fat, without burning out.

If I asked you to do the exercises above for 30 minutes your jaw would drop. Not just that, but your body would get used to it, as there’d be no progression. On the other hand, if I ask you to just do 30 seconds better than the day before? Your body acclimates, and not only that, you continually progress and lose fat. You will see great results from this. Once again, I highly recommend you purchase Clen (available here) as it can add an extra 50% of fat loss to your results… And who wants to do it slow? Get the body you want as fast as you can!

Your training drill will go like this:

First Day – 5 Minutes of training combo
Second Day – 5:30 Minutes of training combo
Third Day- 6 Minutes of training combo
Fourth Day6:30 Minutes of training combo
Fifth Day7 minutes of training combo
Sixth Day7:30 minutes of training combo
Seventh Day Rest Day

Continue on in to the next week. You will carry on until you reach 45 minutes of exercises. If you reach the body you want, or have attained enough fat loss, you can, of course, end this routine early. I’d advise returning to our blog and website and seeing what you can do with your body from there… Whether it be becoming even more lean, or gaining strength and muscle. The choice is yours! If you are interested in taking your body to the next level, Strong Women That all Men Desire And How This Can Be You will give you some sound advice on building strength, muscularity, and moulding your body into what you want it to be.

Here is the skinny on how to take Clen If you are looking for more details, read our blog post on How To Take Clen.

Days 1-3 – 40MG
Days 4-6 – 60MG
Days 7-9 – 80MG
Days 10-13 – 100MG
Days 14-16 – 120MG
Days 16-18 – 100MG
Days 18-20 – 80MG
Days 20-22 – 60MG
Days 22-24 – 40MG

Don’t forget to take Clen 30 minutes prior to your workout. However, if you do your workout before bed, make sure to take it in the morning. You don’t want to be awake all night!

I hope you found this routine and post useful. Please make an effort to comment below!

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