How To Combat Roid Rage

If you are taking steroids, no matter what the reason for doing so, it is important to be fully aware of the potential side effects. Though these type of drugs can help treat a range of medical conditions and problems, there is always the risk of problems developing if continued for a prolonged amount of time. Roid rage is the term given to the anger and aggression that can arise in those of us who consume steroids for a period of months or longer. In fact, the drugs already have a reputation as being a trigger for bouts of violence, as can be seen in the cases often highlighted in mainstream media.

At the outset, it is important to understand that there is a difference between the effects that arise when using anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. The former is what are used by people who want to retain protein and build muscles, such as weightlifters, athletes, and bodybuilders. Corticosteroids actually can have the opposite effect in so much that they cause a break down in tissue and can lead to muscle weakness. Roid rage is only an issue with the anabolic drugs and not the corticosteroids, this is an important point and one that the public should not be confused over.

If you feel that your steroid usage is leading to overwhelming feelings of rage, it is extremely important to seek out treatment as soon as possible. No matter whether you got the medication through a doctors prescription, or an illicit source, the longer you delay in getting help, the more serious the situation may become. Unfortunately, if you were to cease the consumption of the drugs, this in itself can lead to a serious mental imbalance, it is believed that suicidal tendencies and depression can come to the fore if you immediately quit the use of anabolic steroids.

Psychiatrists can help those of use suffering from roid rage, but only if you are completely open about your addiction. You will need to explain exactly the severity of your feelings, how often they arise, and whether there are any external triggers. A professional counselor should be able to offer techniques and guidance that would allow you to take back control of your emotions.

If you believe that a relative or close friend is abusing steroids there are certain signs you can keep an eye out for, apart from an increased level of aggression. One obvious difference will be a change in physique. Those people who suddenly start to gain muscle mass and for no obvious reason, may be taking anabolic steroids behind closed doors. Another symptom, though one that can also be caused by other factors, is acne. An increased level of male hormones will cause a greater prevalence of spots and acne on the body. Irritability is another sign that may point towards there being a problem, if your friend or relative is very quick to react in a negative manner, you should approach with caution. But, it must be noted, that if the individual you are concerned about is an adolescent male teenager, the same signs can just be an indication that they are changing from a boy into a man.

According to official data, it is believed that in the US alone, around two per cent of eighth grade students have tried anabolic steroids, and this figure rises to three and half per cent of all twelfth graders. This data translates to a number of between five hundred thousand and a million young people as having tried steroids at least once. It is important to address the reasons for this trend, most young people are concerned about the way their bodies look. If you are a parent, you should instill into your kid’s minds the value of hard work to achieve physical prowess rather than the use of drugs.

Unfortunately, roid rage is an issue which if not dealt with adequately can result in a serious problem. Acts of violence carried out by steroid users have become an all too common story in the media. With an ease of availability of steroids through the internet this is a problem which may easily grow in the coming years.

Roid rage is a silent epidemic and one that has severe consequences for society as a whole. To compound the problem even further, the outward signs of a problem may not initially be easy to spot, only when the violent mood swings start to impact on others do we usually realize that action needs to be taken.



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