How to Build up Calf Muscles

Ah this one is always fun to write about. Why? Because it’s something far too many people tend to neglect in life and that is their calf muscles, far too many people seem to forget the importance of training their calves if they want to have a good, strong sexy and balanced body.

Something that always tends to make me laugh is when guys say things like “girls don’t care about legs” that’s completely untrue, nothing is more of a turn off to a girl (trust me I know 1000s of girls who have said this about guys) then a guy having a large or decent upper body but then small chicken legs. He looks pathetic and it’s laughable, the guys laugh the girls laugh.

We expect girls to have nicely shaped calves, gorgeous big asses and tight little hamstrings and glutes. They expect the same from us gentlemen.

Now when talking about How to build up calf muscles we need to go over a few very basic things.

What exercise do I like the best for training the calf muscles? Well, it’s simple. I love the seated calf raise.

I find it one of the best for really blasting them, I try to train calves with at least 10 reps and a minimum of 5 sets.

I also like to train them twice weekly usually once on my deadlift day, once on my squat day.

The calves need to be trained often and regularly, Look at how much they are stimulated through out the day, you walk up the steps? Using your calves, you walk down the stairs working those calves! Standing up and down working the calves.

Now this is not to say that the calves are different to any other muscle group, they need to be hit heavy and hard and occasionally I would recommend trying 10 sets of 5 or something similar especially if you are in a position where your CALVES have not grown for sometime and a new stimulus could be exactly what you need.

How to build up calf muscles Another thing worth noting as well is that while I prefer and enjoy the seated calf raise, if you have access to a standing calf raise machine instead do not worry about using that it is just as good we just all have our preferences.

You can also attempt donkey calf raises I know a lot of bodybuilders who are fans of these.

Thankfully for me my calves always seem to explode and doing heavy squats, deadlifts, and calf raises is more than enough to build a lot of muscle mass there! Another great way if you are asking How to build up calf muscles is to attempt short distance sprinting and really “Push” off your calves this is great for building muscle in the calf area.

Alas hopefully I’ve given you some great information regarding How to build up calf muscles

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