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Testosterone Deca Cycle

I decided to do an article about a typical Testosterone Deca Cycle this is something many people do and love and it’s no wonder why it really is a Great bloody cycle and I mean that!

Honestly, it is absolutely amazing and I am a huge fan of Testosterone Deca Cycle and you will see why below.

A typical Testosterone Deca Cycle is ran with the testosterone quite a bit higher than the deca, so let’s say we run 400mg deca we’d probably run at least 500 to 600mg testosterone, which seems to be about right if you want to get it on like rabbits while building as much muscle mass as humanly possible!

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Below is a typical Testosterone Deca Cycle

Testosterone would be ran at 700mg for 18 weeks

And deca would be ran at 500mg for 16 weeks.

Results you can expect?

Around 20 to 25lbs of muscle mass which is quite fantastic, one thing that I seem to get which isn’t that common with everyone on deca but I do get it is I just get damn strong too. Honestly, I’ve been able to add 80lbs to my bench the first time I used it which was incredible to me.

I’ve kept it up high as well afterwards so the effects of a Testosterone Deca Cycle are extremely good. I recommend using it longer than most. Why? Because it takes deca till week 12 before the gains begin to “solidify” or stay solid as some say, by using it longer the gains seem to last MUCH, MUCH longer than they normally would.

I’ve seen guys use it for 12 weeks and find it harder to hold onto gains than guys who’ve ran 22 weeks, bare that in mind likewise using HCG, is essential, Nolva, clomid, should all be on hand as also should armidex.

Again these are just a few little examples of what you can and should be using if you are doing a Testosterone Deca Cycle

Should your training change? Well your recovery will go up dramatically, as will strength and muscle gains. I like to really focus on bodybuilding, my goal is, say for instance I’m training weights 4 times per week, I should be getting stronger on 4 Main exercises per week, while the other accessory exercises I should be either going up in weight slightly OR I should be able to add more reps and or sets to continue getting as large and muscular as possible.

This also prevents fat gains as you are on a higher calorie diet, not bad eh?

If you need any more help and or advice with this be sure to comment below! We are always here to help and provide as much useful information as possible

Once again thanks for reading this article titled Testosterone Deca Cycle!

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