How Many Miles Should You Walk to Lose Weight?

It’s time to move onto another set of questions isn’t it? Another set of people asking me some questions and me giving the best advice I possibly can.

The last set of questions I did was a barrel of fun and I’m hoping that these will be just as good if not better! But we’ll find out.

How many miles should you walk to lose weight Ergh…

This one again let me explain the walking thing over again.

If you walk 5 miles every day for 2 weeks and burn say 500 calories every day your body adapts, meaning the next time you walk you’ll burn 300 calories during the 5 mile walk, so now you need to go to 6 miles, time after 7 miles etc.

Problem is when you start going “too far” your body uses muscle for energy too, meaning you use muscle instead of fat which leads to..? A “pot belly” loose skin, and horrible cellulite.

Instead of doing something as idiotic as this try sprints.

Sprinting as fast as you can in a HIIT (high intensity interval training style) has been shown to be MUCH more effective in burning fat, promoting MUSCLE building and of course it doesn’t cause loose skin.

Take a look at the Olympics for example, we get the long distance runners on with terrible skin looking ugly, FAT even and just down right terrible! Now put those sprinters on who look sexy, and have some of the greatest asses known to man, why do you think your boyfriends love it when you want to watch the female sprinters? Or girls want to watch the male sprinters?


Walking is for tools.

Instead focus on a high quality diet on high protein and work hard on your HIIT it doesn’t have to be out door running, you can do HIIT from the pleasure of your own home and there is plenty of free home workouts on this website you can read to get the results you need and require so try them out.

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