Gym People: 6 Most Common Types of Gym-goers

Many people think that in order to achieve a great body it’s necessary to go to the gym and work out on a regular basis. Even though this is true there are some exceptions. In my case every day before I go to the gym I walk to my car and think about what body part I want to work out and what routines I’m going to perform to make my muscles grow. Funny enough, at the same time I always think about the people that I’m going to encounter at the gym. If you have never been to a gym you definitely need to read this so you can be prepared when you walk into the glorious and painful place we call the gym and if you already go then you can probably relate to what I’m about to say,

The marathon runner: These gym-goers are always there, they usually don’t speak to anyone but they sure know how to be prepared, even though they only do some kind of cardio they come packed with towels, water bottles, and iPod’s or iPad’s. Their physique never changes and neither does their attitude. What makes these people different from other gym-goers is that they literally race against people doing cardio next to them not that it matters since they are always on level 1 on the machines.

The stretcher: If you adventure yourself into the deepest corners of your gym you will encounter some pretty funky individuals who just walk around the gym looking at everyone and their gym routines until they find the right spot to stretch, some of these individuals can spend up to an hour stretching some of them are just in there for ten minutes but it doesn’t matter they feel like they got the job done and are living a nice and healthy life, you and I know it’s not true.

The grunter: When someone in the gym grunts or screams it means that they are approaching a level of difficulty in their gym routine, whether it’s lifting a lot of weight or doing the extra ten minutes of cardio. In my opinion, they should grunt because they’re working at it but there are some people who just don’t know when to stop. Every day I walk into the gym and I see guys of all ages lifting some pretty light weight while they scream their eyes out, I don’t know if they want attention or just want to look foolish but whatever the reason is they still are pretty annoying.

The sleeveless teens: I’ve watched a few workout videos here and there from several Mr. Olympia’s; A Mr. Olympia is the world’s best-built man in terms of muscle and definition. It’s a pretty hard title to earn considering there have only been 13 in the history of this planet, Phil Heath being the current one, but anyway, these guys move insane amounts of weight and they look like monsters. What I have always noticed is that most of the time they walk fully clothed in and outside the gym, they are not cocky or arrogant even though they have the world’s best physique. Well, at the gym you have the opposite of a Mr. Olympia, this being a typical 17-year-old kid that thinks he’s the king of the world and therefore wears his Air Jordan’s and an extra small tank top, he looks bad and he’s cocky but he feels like he’s on top of the world.

The loyal gym rat: They are some of the most loyal customers to walk the gym, they started working out when they were teens in that gym and they still train at the same location, they are muscular, nice, and will help you with your workout routine and even nutrition if you need it. Not all of them are nice but most of them are, don’t be afraid to go up to them and ask them for a few tips here and there, you will learn from them and the fact that you asked for help from them will make them feel good about themselves.

The trainer: Depends on the gym you go to but in my case, I’ve been to about 5 different gyms on different occasions and the trainer is usually the worst looking person in the whole facility, he wears a fanny pack, he is overweight, he always wears a sleeveless or wife-beater shirt and always flirts with the women. If he looks like that please stay away from him and never ask them for advice. There are some gyms with an awesome trainer but they are pretty hard to find.

From the moment you walk in the gym, you will be able to recognize these stereotypes, ignore them and just try to do your workout, at the end of the day the only thing that counts is you and how much you want to better your body but it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re walking into when you first approach the gym.

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