Female Testosterone Cycle

Now, I know what some say “Why would females take testosterone?” Want to know the truth? To look incredibly beautiful and sexy, while this may effect some girls in a very negative way, it is ideal for building muscle mass for those who train serious and eat correctly, no unless you take mega high dosages you will not look like a man, but you can easily look like one of those sexy and attractive figure models that every guy wants to bang out there and every girl wants to look like.

And if you do want to build a lot of muscle, with testosterone you CAN build a lot of muscle it is possible and works to a T.

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The problem with women and steroids is too many guys say “oh you only need this dosage or this dosage” and the dosages given to them are so low they do NOTHING.

I had a girl on 250MG of Npp recently, her squat went up to 380lbs. She put on a ton of muscle mass while losing some body fat, and looked incredible, she got compliments everywhere she went, she has now got a boob job done and is doing MODELING, this shows the power of anabolic, but I’ve seen some guys recommend to girls “don’t take more than 50mg per week!! Or even 25!!”

Honestly it’s ridiculous it wont do anything to the woman, and what “masculine” side effects? I’m assuming the girl wants to build muscle mass and look good, those are the effects she’s wanting so she needs to take it in a dosage that is going to CAUSE that to happen.

Now let’s talk about a Female Testosterone Cycle

I recommend starting this if you are an ADVANCED female athlete at 100 to 150mg weekly, to start with, 100mg will probably be enough.

Your goal should be to lift harder and get stronger every week, either by increasing the reps, or most likely the weight on the bar, as long as you are seeing progress in the gym you are doing fine.

Next I really recommend you eat a high calorie diet while on this, but a CLEAN high calorie diet, your body is in a huge muscle building mode, so it’s important to eat correctly, High protein such as chicken, Salmon, steak, etc, with carbs coming from vegetables, fresh fruits, and then whole wheat products (ignore any bread product please!!)

Should keep you going strong.

I’d recommend running it for 12 weeks, and stopping immediately if any negative side effects were to occur

The best thing about a Female Testosterone Cycle is that you can “stack it” with other anabolic steroids, I recommend Testosterone and once you are more advanced trying to stack it with Deca (How much deca per week),

250mg deca and 150MG testosterone every 5 days for 12 weeks has shown me some ladies see a dramatic decrease in body fat and a very, very nice amount of muscle being added to their sexy frames!.

Again these are just some basic examples.

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