Diet Plans for Men: Which Weight-Loss Plan Is the Best?

Losing weight is always a challenge. Many sportsmen lose enough time following someone else’s ideal diet plan. We don’t want a poor one to follow our advice and then wonder why it isn’t working for him. There is no perfect diet. One person’s diet may not work for another.

From One Diet Plan to the Next

Many people start by eating a low-fat diet. After a few months, their weight drops off. It’s time for a new pair of pants to be purchased with a slimmer waist. However, in most cases, the numbers on the bathroom scale begin to climb again soon after that.

Frustrated, sportsmen are starting to look for more complex diet plans just like Atkin’s high-protein/low-carb diet. Within a week, they begin to lose weight. They are able to wear their new slim and fit wardrobe after four months. Yet, how long are their results kept for? Usually, it’s quite difficult to stay in great shape for too long.

When holidays come, with family dinners and office parties 70% of bodybuilders are back on their way to being overweight. It looks like there’s no solution to the problem. Yet, simply believe us, this is not rocket science. This should not be rocket science.

What you shall really do is use your upsetting experience for good now. Sit down to make a list of all the diets that worked for you. Go through the rest of your working advice: don’t eat breakfast; eat healthy snacks; avoid snacking. Add any tips that seemed to work.

You will come up with some rules that are working right for you. There are always some small changes that you know you can make, without feeling like you are making penance for past sins. You can be back to your college weight after some months and stay at the same weight all the time time. Plus, you don’t think of yourself as on a diet. This is how you eat.

How Popular Diet Plans Score

What works? What works? There are 38,000 books on diet and 2,500 new ones every year. Magazines also feature the latest fad diets in every issue. Researchers have been getting in on the act lately. The National Institutes of Health, university medical centers, and universities across the country have spent millions of dollars and many years to test the Atkins diet against the South Beach diet and the American Heart Association diet against the Zone.

There have been many surprises along the way. Many official groups have endorsed the low-fat diet. However, it hasn’t been as safe and effective as they thought. Although some people lose weight with low-fat diets, it is not as fast as they would like. Studies show that while bad cholesterol (LDL) levels also fall, good cholesterol levels also decrease. People who eat low-fat diets often experience an increase in triglycerides. This is another risk factor for developing heart disease.

To almost everyone’s surprise, low-carb/high-protein diets Atkin’s is the model and it’s proved to be much safer and more effective than expected. This diet included eggs, bacon, and advised people to avoid bread. Yet study after study has shown that for people who are overweight or obese, high-protein/low-carb diets have real advantages.

Ronald Krauss, MD, Senior Researcher at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute and spokesperson for the American Heart Association, says that “these diets push most of the numbers in the correct direction.” “Body weight and body mass go down, triglycerides drop and LDL cholesterol drops, while good cholesterol levels stay up.” Low-carb diets can also increase insulin sensitivity without weight loss. This protects against diabetes.

The best news for dieters is that high-protein/low-carb dieters also shed pounds faster, on average, than low-fat dieters. Researchers at Stanford tested the Atkins, Zone, and Ornish diets in the latest in a series of studies that have compared popular diets. After 12 months, the Atkins diet helped volunteers lose twice as much weight as those on other diets.

However, if your goal is to drastically change your body shape, these numbers aren’t encouraging. The average weight loss was just 10.3 pounds. According to a series of head-to-head comparisons of popular diets, the Atkins diet actually leads to weight loss. Experts have accepted the idea that protein-rich foods are more satisfying than carb-rich food.

Unfortunately, Atkin’s success rate is usually lost after a year. In a 2006 British study that compared four popular weight loss plans, for example, volunteers lost weight faster on the high-protein/low-carb plan. After a year, however, all four diets resulted in the same weight loss of about 13 pounds. Many studies that compare diets show high drop-out rates. Scientists can’t help but notice that people struggle to stick with many diets.

The Best Diet Plan

Disheartening? Sure. There are many success stories, and this is important information for anyone trying to lose weight. Janet King, Ph.D. is a professor of nutrition at the University of California, Berkeley. “If you look through all these studies you will find that some people do very well while others lose very little weight,” she says.

A high-protein diet may be able to jumpstart weight loss. All weight loss plans share one thing: They limit certain foods and limit calories. King says that most diets work for a short time. This is because they make it easier to decide what foods you will eat. They eliminate variety from the diet. Some restrict carbohydrate intake. Others restrict fat. They offer a way for you to consume fewer calories.

Motivation is the key to success. King states that compliance is what really matters. This is another way to say someone is motivated enough for a diet. In other words, the best diet plan is the one you can stick to for the long term. This will likely be different for each person. Atkins is not recommended for men who are vegetarians. Men who eat steak and eggs won’t stick to a low-fat, mostly vegetable diet for very long.

Kathleen M. Vohs is a University of Minnesota psychologist who believes that choosing a diet that closely matches your eating habits is important. Her provocative reasoning is as follows: Vohs says that studies show self-control is a finite resource. People may be able to give up something for the first time. People lose their ability to control themselves when they are repeatedly asked.

It is easier to eat healthy breakfasts than to follow a strict diet once dinner comes around. This is especially true if you have to say no to food that you love. It’s also easier to keep a diet that doesn’t exclude most of your favorite foods.

One Man’s Diet Plan

Many people learned their lesson when they chose to ditch popular diets in favor of their own weight loss plans. Basically, you chose and selected the strategies that are easiest for you to follow. For example, for most people, it isn’t difficult to quit soft drinks and fruit juices, so they may follow that routine.

Avoid liquid calories. If you don’t like to eat half the food you have, just stop trying to divide portions. Instead, you may stop eating desserts. Little stuff. Yet, it adds up to great results.

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